Bose QC35, Is worth it in 2021?

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Such good headphones, I bought mine in 2016 and they are still doing fantastic. ANC and sound are still great. The cloth at the headrest is really worn, the synthetic leather is falling off and I got little chipmarks all over the alumininium but they are still going strong. I really wanted to buy the S700, but after I tried them I found them to be not a good replacement... I hope the will make QC35 III :)

Author — Simon Winterstein


Just purchased them, really excited to test it!
Im gonna travel a ton so i just needed some premium (expensive) headphones. Thanks for this review mate!

Author — Ylondes


I wear my QC35 from awake, to when I sleep for the past 4-5years.

Super comfortable, spacious around the ears, doesn’t clamp my head

I drive a truck. Qc35 allows me to hear police sirens, but does a good job blocking out most road noise at the same time. It’s good, no complaints there, I don’t need better.

Micro usb isn’t ideal, but it has never given me any issues.

I’m on my second set of QC35. After a long while, there’s a crinkling sound that develops on the left ear, so I buy new ones. My second pair just developed this noise, so I’m about to order a 3rd pair.
Remember, I wear these headphone an absolute ton of time, so I get my use out of them, and I can’t complain about them wearing out.

The sound quality is good for all day wear. I had headphones that were too detailed in sound and therefore fatiguing.

The microphone doesn’t work so well in a loud truck, or with the windows down, but I get by. You can alway buy a wired noise canceling boom mic attachment for better phone conversation quality.

I agree about the push buttons. I wouldn’t trade them for a finger swipe touchpad. Been there, done it, never again.

Also agree about the bose 700 design.
It looks feminine. No thanks.

Author — A n g e l o


If I'm looking around for a BT headset, having clicky buttons is a must. Having touch controls is a deal breaker for me regardless of how good they are supposed to be. Thanks for the insight:)

Author — ritual301


I just got an email to preorder the QuietComfort 45. In looking at it, it looks just like my QC 35II, and I did find that they went with USB-C. I don't understand with the 700 still on the market, but I think with watching your review, there is defiiniely a continued market enough to revert to this as a standard.

Author — Stephen Stephan


I cannot do anything except recommend them. I've bought my first ones in 2017 but sadly lost them in holidays in 2019, but I've missed them so much that I've bought them again 2 months later. If your searching for good Bluetooth headphones, then go for them!

Author — Fridolin Schlömpel


Watching this with my new Sennheiser Momentum 3.
I had the QC35ii. What I miss about them is the comfort and being able to work with two devices seamlessly.
Greetings from México :-)

Author — Carlos Vazquez


I bought these headphones in 2016, they are amazing and still work perfectly today. The ONLY problem with these headphones is that when i use this headset for gaming, i cant hear discord and the game with perfect quality, what i mean by this, is when im on the game i cant hear 3d sounds, i cant hear it when its left/right i only hear the sound and not what direction. If anyone has a fix for hearing 3d sounds and being in a discord call please tell me lmao...

Author — FadedSoulz


I just pre-order the QC45 (upgraded QC 35ii). Iconic design and physical buttons remain. They upgraded To USBC charging and added aware mode (transparency mode). I am looking forward to trying them.

Author — River Rock


This is Bose’s best headphones to date. Even compared to the bose 700, these are still better.

Author — Jing Soo Cho


Hell yeah they are! Those Sonys everyone raves about are like wearing bricks in comparison.

Author — Gordon Smith


Ok thanks to you I’m gonna go buy a pair - £180 seems like a steal. Thank you bro you nailed this video 👍

Author — piers


they have less clamping force because you've had and used the qc35 for far longer. they stretch and break in over time.

Author — rachel


Funnily enough my wife had these for FREE!! They came with a Google Pixel 5 mobile! Probably the best headphones I've used! Noise cancelling is great as you can adjust it between 2 settings woth a click of a button. Also very comfortable👍

Author — Luke Miles


I’ve had them since 2018 and I looove them

Author — Sparkball


The screws on my headphone just went limp, I had the broken part welded a year ago and it broke again. I don’t know If I should try to weld it a second time, or move on and buy a better overhead headphone if that even exists 😔

Author — Devilmaycry- Joker


i bought mine in 2019 and still recommend to anyone, the ones want a good quality of sound and bluetooth headphone, the fact only charge them with micro usb is not a big issu, in my use i could spent one week with one charge. Been a headphone, the portability isn´t ally of this type of thing.. i´m really enjoy them

Author — Artur P. Dutra


One of the most comfortable headphones I've ever put on. I would purchase the QC 35 IIIs with USB C in a heartbeat.

Author — Kaeede


Super linda tu explicacuin, saludos desde eeuu

Author — gladys rosario leon asencio


I returned my Sony XM4 and got a pair of qc35 manufactured in Jul 2020. They’re more comfortable than the XM4’s

Author — Alexander Alexander