Body cam footage shows what lead to indicted Newark cop fatally shooting driver during chase

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Body cam footage shows what lead to indicted Newark cop fatally shooting driver during chase 4.5
Police video shows the traffic stop and pursuit that lead to Newark Officer Jovanny Crespo fatally shooting the driver and injuring the passenger Jan. 28, 2019. Crespo was indicted for charges including aggravated manslaughter. (Video from Essex Co. Prosecutor)

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This man is so chill in the face of being arrested he needs an award called “Too high to process emotions”

Author — Sup


Once the pursuit began the whole idea was to kill the driver I swear to you that's what was the plan whole time Brothers backin brothers damn cameras

Author — Carmen Schuler


You're suppose to do everything in your power to stop the vehicle
Not Sprint and shoot at the driver?

Author — Cole Wagner


He said the best part officers are okay and no officers shot. She said thats ALL THAT MATTERS. Thats crazy

Author — Gail Edwards


This must be the new gta 6 trailer from Rockstar but this guy stole the

Author — Electro Skull


Why they was shooting the Windows they should shoot at tires they trying to kill them not stop

Author — TheYpatroL


the dude got instant 5 star wanted level just from fleeing.

Author — xScaryy


what haPPened to license, insurance, and registration for

Author — Larry Sanders


Girl: *Open the door*
Guy: *What's up?*

Author — Chollingsworth


They training center must be full with Xboxes

Author — Anthony Mckinley


The driver was obviously high or drunk or both. DAMN.

Author — Sean Bela


“No officers are hurt”
“That’s all that matters”

Is that what they say every time

Author — Cedric Siriwardana


You know that feeling when you want to skip 10 seconds ahead but you accidentally press the skip to the next video? SMH.

Author — Krystof Cerha


WTF did i just watch???? Did he really run and gun. Thats a NO NO. Then the cops says the best part, no cop was hurt. Dude quit your job, your in the wrong field. You protect and serve. Stop being a scared of the people your swore to protect. Too many bullied cops as youth trying to flex their new found balls.

Author — Raenel Williams


Her memory was solid tbh. so many people misprocess things like that, but she basically recounted everything perfectly to her boss when he asked what happened

Author — Joshua Snow


who's life was in danger here why did they shoot?. This makes no sense and she's lying on top of all that.

Author — Hugh English


4:05 piss me off he said the best part is no officer hurt i sure our life matters to

Author — Hulk Smash


Male cop: "Turn the car off". Female cop: "The car's off". ...perp drives off

Author — Raptango_NA


Damn bro it looked like the passenger was just trying to leave once he saw the driver reaching 😪 RIP to the guy who probably was just in a ride with someone

Author — Logan Garcia


She started to tell the truth then lied about to hole Chase wow

Author — ATRAIN42019