Best Internal Gear Hub – Top Internal Gear Hub Review Of 2021

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Here are the reviews of the Best Internal Gear Hubs available in the market for any bicycles. These get superior quality material that enables you to speed up rough roads.

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Top compared Best Internal Gear Hub are:

1. SHIMANO SG 3C41 Universal Hub Kit nexus
2. Sturmey Archer S80 SP Internal Drum brake
3. SHIMANO SG 3D55 Universal hub kit nexus
4. Rohloff Disc-Speedhub 500 14 DB gear hub
5. SHIMANO Alfine 11-Speed Internal gear hub

💬 Comments

The main problem is that "best" is undefined. Is the price considered? A coaster brake is certainly the least suitable brake for an MTB; for a chilly commuter bike, it's ideal. The NuVinci/enviolo hubs should be mentioned, too.

Author — Ooh Kah


This is the future. These will become lighter. No more chain, chain rings, front derailer, rear derailer, cables, shifters. The r&d competition is fierce!

Author — Kevin Schwinkendorf


What about Kinderney XIV? It's new but why is it not in? Have you tested it and was it that much worse compared to a SG3?

Author — Tony D.


thanks, just bought the alfine 8 it's great!

Author — david julseth


I suggest to please also mention the price....I know I know that the price vary in different places. But its a must to enable attract more buyers.

Author — Edgar Tan


SG 3C41 IS ABSOLUTELY NOT SUITABLE FOR MTB. those coaster brakes will die very quickly under heavy load

Author — p3pp3r


Pinion geared hubs should be mentioned,

Author — Andrei Molnar