How YOU can Travel Full Time & Make Money on Social Media - 10 Tips to become a Digital Nomad

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How YOU can Travel Full Time & Make Money on Social Media - 10 Tips to become a Digital Nomad 5

If you've ever dreamed of traveling full time or becoming a digital nomad, it has never been more accessible and I want to show you how social media marketing has taught me how to make money online and get paid to travel. These 10 tips will show you how anyone can become a full time content creator / travel influencer and make money with remote work by traveling the world and being location independent.

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Sorry for the delay! I was in a remote side of Indonesia next to Papua New Guinea and wifi wouldn't let me make my Saturday post date.
I would love to open this to you, what are some of the ways you make money online? And feel free to ask questions, I'm here to help :)
See you next Saturday and let's get lost again in the next one.

Author — Lost LeBlanc


You forgot number 11. Have a hot girlfriend to put in your videos over and over

Author — Dave sivirn


I really wanna thank this channel for making me motivated to travel the world even when my life is going through rough phase

Author — Neffalum


get your hot girlfriend to pose for a thumbnail = millions of views

Author — Ryse


Also, never forget, always have a cute chick in your videos :)

Author — Soundvania


“This was not handed to me.”
“Tip #1: Ask for free handouts.”

Author — Trish P


LOVE this! I quit my job 5 years ago & officially getting “paid to travel”
This lifestyle isn’t easy in the beginning, but I learned HOW to manage everything.

Awesome video!

Author — Dolliray


Trying to start a travel channel during quarantine. *MISSION IMPOSSIBLE*

Author — Laurel Travels


Your honesty, determination and straight forwardness have inspired me to equip myself in order to launch out at the opportune time. Thanks much.

Author — Kelsie Finegab


1. U can do it. (U just need to have a burning passion.)
2. Reduce ur cost. (Ask for a free bed.)
3. Diversify ur income sources. (YouTube, FB, Ins...)
4. Licensing. ( Be a tour guide. Make videos for other people. Workshops...)
5. Develop a monetizing skill.
6. Choose ur social media wisely. (Choose ur priority social media.)
7. Choose a niche & Build a brand.
8. Good content!
9. Be an expert.
10. Be flexible.

Author — Gin K


I wish I could someday become someone as self-confident as you are. I kinda want to get into videography and photography but it is so scary to let go "your normal life, a job, career". Somehow your videos truly inspire and I think that is the biggest virtue of all. Thanks!

Author — The Story of my Life


Ahhh love it when travel life comes full circle... 3:15 - stayed at Koh Tao Loft Hostel and our favourite, No.3 Hostel Koh Tao! 3 years ago to the day I flew out Thailand and Koh Tao!

Author — Alex Quick


#1 tip: get a girl with cake to be your thumbnail for thirsty little kids

Author — Illest Gaming


"Don't put all your eggs in one basket!"
-Warren Buffet

Not Albert Einstein :)

Author — Ritesh Sonavane


Good content, Christian. I’ve been following you and you’ve been my inspiration to grow my luxury villa business and learn about editing and now video editing but so difficult. Anyway, Thank you and keep growing! Hopefully we can collaborate someday.

Author — Oja Amelia


Christian, I appreciate your message at 21:34 and hit me hard! I am still into your video because of how engaging you are and I can feel you're being honest and authentic! Hats off to you!

Author — The Justin Lee Method


i love to follow one of this travel vlog that enable me to see further what the best places to explore when i am on travel mood

Author — Petit Villa Boutique & Spa


This was literally the most helpful and genuine video I’ve ever seen on making a living off traveling and I love it. Thank you!!!

Author — Giselle Marquez


1:25 hahaha, 3/10. My first thought before the score was even shown. Love it.

Author — Law Enforcement is Legal Plunder


One more thing : HAVE A STRONG PASSPORT !

Author — Alexi Laiho