People Dragged out to sea By Massive Waves

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People Dragged out to sea By Massive Waves 4

If you see the waves are big, why the hell are you going into the sea if you dont know what youre doing? Thats exactly what these guys did...

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Ok that guy in the first clip wasn't even attempting to get up, he wants to get dragged 😂

Author — Lunar Lacy


People on the beach laughing have no clue how serious that situation was.

Author — kmdskins


The woman who went straight into the water with no hesitation, purse & all! That is a MOTHER! ❤💯

Author — Kimberly Douglas-whitlock


Growing up in Hawaii and having being at the beach every single day, you ought to learn a lot of things.

1) When you're still in the water and there is a big wave coming, swim out and dive under it. It's not only fun but it stops you from getting pounded

2) If you're on the sand and the water is pulling you out, dig your hands and feet into the sand. That stops you from getting pulled out by the water

3) If you're really deep out and the waves are big, don't panic. Just keep on diving or going over waves and catch them back in.

4) If you're on the reef ALWAYS be careful. If you wanna take a picture don't take it so damn close to the water if you know and see that the waves are so damn big.

Author — Astronomy lover


The guy on the rocks yelling for his friends made me cry I cant image..

Author — Mr.YeeterSon


When you"re so obese that 4 people have to risk their lives to get you to safety... It's time to change your life....

Author — Shoedi .L


My uncle was on the rocks when a wave washed him off, he was found 5 later days 🥺 R.I.P Uncle John and to all the other people who lost there lives to the ocean 😔

Author — Mischa Lala


The guys on the rocks had no chance. I never stand on rocks near big waves or turn my back on the sea. It's a one trip ticket.

Author — chknman


I feel like the first guy was low key enjoying himself

Author — Kris


As my hawaiian gf told me, rule number one is: never turn your back to the waves

Author — lray1234


For your information: Getting out of a wave isn’t as easy as you think. A wave literally “washes away” all your energy (no pun intended haha). For people who just think waves is water going back and forth: waves are EXTREMELY POWERFUL and can push and pull and apply a pressure of 250-6000 pounds per square foot on you (the taller the wave, the greater the pressure). Being hit by that amount of pressure can leave you dazed. Plus, the wave drags you out to sea with even MORE pressure (called an undertow) and trying to get out of it can wear you out in seconds. Even the smallest waves and undertows are hard to get out of. I’ve experienced it before during a beach trip 2 years ago... not fun :/

I know none of you asked but I just wanted to get this out there to those who don’t know. Stay safe and have a nice day :D

Author — triggerd cookie


Everyone’s a gangster till they get dragged out to the sea 🤣

Author — iSpang Fang


3:41 that’s so sad man two friends drowning and his crying is only so much he could do he goes in and he will drowned too the ocean is something you respect is deathly beautiful that’s what makes more dangerous

Author — Janelis Rosado


People laughing and filming when this isn’t even funny. I got caught in a riptide once almost didn’t make it. Luckily there was a life guard. These waves look FAR scarier.

Author — Stacy Dahl


That first dude was either way too drunk or was playing a joke. Because he was being an idiot

Author — surfmotor


There's nothing funny about this. That man was so exhausted. He basically dead on his feet.☹️ It was traumatic just watching 💔

Author — Janie Straub


I feel like I’m drowning watching this. I remember being a kid and getting rolled in waves like this. It’s no joke.

Author — Sad but True


They are so funny except the one where he was pulled and thrown against rocks.

Author — Tree of trees


The first guy and the fat lady were both drunk...sure doesn't help in dangerous situations like those!

Author — Andie D


Having a laugh whilst watching someone nearly And I thought my faith in humanity was Sad sad sad

Author — Karl Morgan