Build The Most Secret Ancient Underground Temple And Swimming Pool

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Build The Most Secret Ancient Underground Temple And Swimming Pool 4.5
Build The Most Secret Ancient Underground Temple And Swimming Pool

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When you want to play Minecraft but your mom tells you to go outside

Author — Noah Kligman


What the hell do they do with all of these pools

Author — Hi, am I online ?


they make "woof woof" sounds to pretend they are living in stone age and haven't invented language yet but wear factory made shorts ...:)

Author — Muhammad Bilal Ahmed


And then we wonder how the hell the Egyptians built the pyramids. Imagine 500, 000 of these dudes running around.

Author — Realistic Optimist


Imagine your parents walking into you watching 2 naked men swim together yelling "oof oof oof oof oof"

Author — Fawaz1


Those sticks have a higher durability than a diamond pickaxe...



Apa Cuma Gw Yang Orang Indonesia Nonton Ini?
Orang indonesia like dong coba:)

Author — Yogi Firdaus


I heard it sold at Auction for 15 coconuts 🥥

Author — beyondfirstclass


Somebody give them building tools and after some weeks you will come back seeing a whole country

Author — jonas duong


No one :
Literally nobody :
Me at 3:00 am watching dudes doing pools in random places

Author — 100.000 mil subs sin amigos 100 mil subs sin amigos


All this with just 2 guys and 4 ounces of cocain impressive

Author — Mushroomstamp


When They Play Minecraft better than you in real life

Author — GUE GAMER


Step one: Rent an excavator
Step two: pretend to dig 10 foot hole by hand
Step three: use a tree branch to gather wifi to upload video

Author — Rax D


I love how all their bulds include water and how crazy they swim in it

Author — COC Warlord !!


Грунт сухой и однородный практически, не обваливаеться работать с таким я б тоже попробовал.

Author — Алексей Тюменцев


NASA is going to send them to mars to build the first Human villages and swimming pools on it

Author — Meu Incrível Mundo


This is Nearly impossible
It’s more luxurious than my home
These guys can Live in luxury With 0 money

Author — Al_xz


the other day. i watched one of the videos but they were making an underground hideout. and i got really hyped and started digging in my back yard. gave up after about 2 days of digging, now there is a big ass hole in my back yard...

Author — Emma Grace


Id get tired and lose all motivation after about 12 good digs.

Author — KaitJustAte


Those two guys : *built a pool*
Mosquitoes : *_iTS frEE REal EsTaTe_*

Author — Dana Angelino