Build The Most Secret Ancient Underground Temple And Swimming Pool

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Build The Most Secret Ancient Underground Temple And Swimming Pool 4.5
Build The Most Secret Ancient Underground Temple And Swimming Pool

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When you want to play Minecraft but your mom tells you to go outside

Author — Noah Kligman


Lmfao I literally got an advertisement on how this video is faked

Author — PlutoTheGod


It's gonna be so weird when you got lost in the forest and you come across like 50 random pools

Author — Christian Vargas


I wish they had like tour or something to see all they're builds, that would be nice

Author — Candelario Sanchez


the scariest thing is when they come the next day for a swim, a python is already swimming enjoying the pool :(

Author — Tito Mann


Imagine after 10 years some archaeologists randomly found this place and call it the wisdom of the ancients

Author — Jason Wang


Right before I watched this video an exposed video about Primative survival tool presented itself as an ad 😭😭😭 SHOOK.

Author — Pretty Jax


Можно их? Мне надо дачу построить. Да и дороги в России заодно пусть сделают

Author — Kailug


This channel is like an answer to a question that’s never been asked

Author — Dax


After watching several of this videos my mind is telling me I also do this since this is a tutorial, build myself a villa with no cost🤔 and live happily ever after😎😍😍

Author — junglegal chaka


They are being successful in very less time.
I like their work.
Keep it up.

Author — something special


Why has my life led up to me watching 2 dudes beating the dirt with sticks to make a pool?

Author — Avoid_Fonzilla


Me: Can we get Minecraft?
Mom: No, we have Minecraft at home.

Minecraft at home:

Author — Lime


and they still think how pyramids were made of bruh...

Author — Wai Yan Min Bo


So there are people who paid 1 million dollars to build a decent pool and these guy are straight up make no fun of the builders with this, well played smh

Author — Kaiser Rocket


The biggest mystery thing is they live in the forest and always charge there camera :))))

Author — hải minh


Fans : How many swimming pools have you built?
Tube : Yes.

Author — Deagol


You already know this will be on National Geographic in 1000 years

Author — CalleMeTy


When the producer said "cut", Kobelco came and started digging and when the producer said "action", the man came and dug the ground, Lol

Author — Corner Cam


ВОТ они реально заслуживают лайк и подписку

Author — Темирлан Садырбекоа