LAST SECOND GO AROUND | Stormy Leeds Bradford | Jet2 B737-3QC

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LAST SECOND GO AROUND | Stormy Leeds Bradford | Jet2 B737-3QC 4.5

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We were greeted by some gusty winds and heavy rain on our arrival into a grim-looking UK. It certainly made for contrast to the weather in Spain. Up front on the flightdeck today were three captains, one in the jumpseat behind. We were informed by the crew of the weather, and some bumpy conditions lead to the seatbelt signs being on for much of the descent. As we hit the brunt of the weather, people became very emotional. Screaming and crying filled the cabin, as well as some strong language, for which I can only apologise. Nonetheless, full praise to the entire crew especially the purser, who did an amazing job keeping people calm. The second attempt was just as unstable, and as you can see, the experience of the captains upfront shone through. An excellent landing, despite the weather, came to the relief of everyone on board.

A very big well done to the entire crew of this flight!

Flight Details:

Airline: Jet2/Jet2holidays
Aircraft: Boeing 737-330[QC] (Quick Change)
Route: LS272
Callsign: EXS17HK
Seat: 18A
Origin: Alicante | ALC/LEAL | ES
Destination: Leeds Bradford | LBA/EGNM | UK
Date: Wednesday 6th April 2016
Arrival Time:
Scheduled 15:55BST | Actual 16:10BST

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Wow that was some landing, absolutely brilliant job landing it in those conditions the second time. Really well captured man!

Author — ThatAeroplaneGuy


Ironic, most people clap when leaving Leeds.

Author — Dr. Zoidberg


2 for 1 landings are free of charge. Love it!

Author — Mr Frog


I’m scared stiff of flying but continue to torture myself watching these videos! Why? Lol

Author — Sean Hughes


This is by far the greatest wing view landing clip I've watched on YouTube... Absolutely fantastic.
I love the engines shut down noise... Thanks for filming that far.

Author — Lakson Taimo


5:36 Johnny Vegas realises he’s going round again!

Author — Seigneur De Merde


The most unstable approach I've ever experienced was August '83 while coming into land at Heathrow from Amsterdam. The weather was identical to your video. I'd never had such a rough ride as that one. My father flew into Leeds on a BMA Shorts 360 from LHR in the early 80s. The plane ride was so rough he went to the bar after arriving.

Author — Springbok295


I never hear the flap actuators as well as you got them on this clip. Yep I'm a real 737 nerd.

Author — David Austerman


"The 2 for 1 landing is free of charge" LOL

Author — Giles B


Must have been really uncomfortable, but I guess you were lucky to experience this! ;)

Author — Alex Kay


You know you're common if you clap on an aircraft when it lands.

Author — Krystle White


I would feel like I was born again with a whole new perspective on life, the universe and everything stepping off that bird in one piece and unscathed, excellent video 😃👍

Author — Ashtak Metoza


Finally seeing people not clap too early after landing

Author — S H


Imagine Ryanair

I know regret it!

Author — Declan P.


What an amazing landing, kudos to the captain.

Author — Jamie Ingram


12:10 Pretty loud braking, if that's what I'm hearing. Please tell me, is the -3QC another 737 variant ? This aeroplane does not have winglets so I am only guessing they came out around the time of the -400s etc.

Author — Daan Desimaal


I have experienced my first go around only three months ago.

Author — MegaAirplanelover


My god I’d have been peeing myself if I was on that! I love landings and windy conditions but not as bad as that... that gust of wind at 5.15 was a killer - must have been a very strong gusty crosswind and I’m sure at around the same time when the plane sped up on approach it must have been due to a tailwind... if I was right, variable gusts as strong as that... well the captain deserved every clap he got. Sensational!

Author — Thomas Nobrega


Well captured, looks like a very nerve jangling experience! Subscribed :)

Author — tjfSIM


Bloody hell, terrible weather! Great landing second time around, really good video!

Author — Louise Price