Turkey's Syria offensive: Russia steps into void left by US | DW News

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Turkey's Syria offensive: Russia steps into void left by US | DW News 4.5
Syrian Kurds have formed a partnership with government troops and Syria's Russian allies. They have now moved into previously Kurdish-held areas, including the city of Manbij. Meanwhile, Turkish forces are continuing to shell positions in northern Syria. Turkey is rejecting calls for a ceasefire in the offensive it launched in northern Syria against Kurdish militias. US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are on their way to Turkey to try to persuade Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to end the fighting. This comes after US President Donald Trump imposed economic sanctions on Ankara for targeting the Kurds inside Syria.

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Breaking news Syrians have now occupied parts of syria.

Author — J Kerfont


Has anyone noticed the amazing coordination? Notice how Assad and the Russians let Turkey finish attacking the targets they want and how more land is recovered by Assad’s military! It’s all a game played by the major players and it’s working externally well! 🇨🇦🙂

Author — Joe Morello


It was planned by Russia turkey and Syria to get control of Kurdish areas and they will sign ceasefire and some Agreement

Author — Ashutosh Anshu


This is confirmation of Russia as the real powerbrokers in the ME now. Lots of Americans have said they no longer want their country to be the Global Cop. They now have their wish.

Author — Vik Z


Meanwhile while western and specially american media :syrian are occupying its own territory illegally by sending its own trops in its own territory.
How dare they !

Author — RAPTOR


who won? Turkey Russia and Syria, , who lost ? USA and EU states ..

Author — Hakan


Other countries are killing isis. America is mad because it's their creation.

Author — Red Crucible


The city of ManBitch, hmmm, interesting!

Author — Masters of the Unitverse storage hunter


0:28 how is this dude in a war zone with a fresher cut than me?

Author — CheddarJ


Western media blames syrian for entering their own territories lol

Author — Arsh sidhu


"The Syrian city of ManBitch"

Author — Tantu Hard


The last person to plant a flag on a hill in that area wins...I assume

Author — Devesh Bhosale


It's evil when Russia does it with their main Allies but when its the United States doing it, it's all good and for the right reasons.

Author — Brandon Blackfyre


As a result, the Russians won this war! Congratulations!

Author — DOLLARik


so US lost influence in that region lol.
ISIS are US mercenary.

Author — Archnid 001


Breaking yet another conflict in the Middle
Really? That's a surprise, eh??🤔🤔

Author — Haribo 73


Russia steps into the void left by the US. Sounds better.

Author — Радосвета Кинова


assad made the best decision to ally with Russia. I wish Gaddafi did the same . he would still be alive

Author — My Gmail


Bashar Al Assad has killed many birds with one stone...😂😂😂
He always said kurds US will uese&throw u....only ur government army will protect u.
Great smart leader Dr.Aasad.👏👏👏

Author — Sanjeev Yadav


The vodka is flowing in the Kremlin this week!!!

Author — I am Jean Pierre, the Evil Puppet!