Deutscher WW2 Film mit Waffen - SS (Schutzstaffel) + Wehrmacht German WW2 - 5K HD

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Deutscher WW2 Film mit Waffen - SS (Schutzstaffel) + Wehrmacht German WW2 - 5K HD 4
Filmed in 5K S-UHD. film over 1hr 30mins with focus on Waffen-SS (Schutzstaffel) + Wehrmacht Troops fighting against US & British forces behind German Front line

During the last few months of World War 2 the Allies pushed towards Germany.
The Waffen SS often fought along side other German Regiments the fighting was often bitter and with now limited equipment and ammo - regiments were being daily reduced in size.

Towards the end The Hitler Youth defended Berlin. The Seigfried Line , where the film is depicted, ( Schlacht im Hürtgenwald) as well as the ' Hürtgen Forest ' were such places where these Germans' Forces fought hard together.
The Film portrays this well and gives a " daily account " in the eyes of a young German solider.

The Hürtgen forest
(also: Huertgen Forest; German: Hürtgenwald) is located along the border between Belgium and Germany in the southwest corner of the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Scarcely 50 square miles (130 km2) in area, the forest lies within a triangle outlined by the German towns of Aachen, Monschau, and Düren. The Rur River runs along the eastern edge of the forest.

The Hürtgen Forest lies at the northern edge of the Eifel mountains; its terrain is characterized by plunging valleys that carve through broad plateaus. Unlike many areas of Germany in which the valleys are farmed and hilltops are wooded, the Hürtgen Forest's deep valleys are thickly wooded and the hilltop plateaus have been cleared for agriculture. The forest's rough terrain starkly contrasts with that of the adjoining Rhine Valley. Roads in the forest are few, winding, and narrow.

The rugged terrain of this area was the scene of a long, bloody, drawn-out battle during World War II, often referred to as the Battle of Hürtgen Forest, which took place over three months during a very cold winter from 19 September 1944 to 10 February 1945. Along a road that rises from the Kall River Valley to the town of Schmidt, there is still a length of tank track that melted into the road after a U.S. armored vehicle was hit and burned there.

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Just look at the views these low-budget movies that show the ACTUAL "other" perspective for once get! This is crazy. Name me some other movies that are this low-budget that gain this amount of views... The demand for this is so incredibly high.
It's such a shame no bigger budget movie studio does dare to produce anything like this.

Author — Verbunden


"The Battle for Hurtgen Forest " is set during the last few months of WW2 during the months of October/November 1944. The film centers around a young German volunteer called Sturmann Lunser, an unknown solider from central Germany and shows his daily perspective of the Seigfried Tank Defenses (Siegfriedstellung) where he is manning a MG42 dug-out along with his school friend HANZ. His group are just outside the famous Hürtgen Forest ( Schlacht im Hürtgenwald ) and the advancing American army is almost upon them.

Author — Mark


"I hope we shall be remembered for protecting our Fatherland"

Damn. That hit me hard.. Right in the feels...

Author — GT-R MKT


I support what you're doing, but OMFG this trailer has the pace of a snail.

Author — HellBent


Looks good, shame about the drone shadow, but....

Author — Steve Sturges


so History really is told by the victors and they're the ones who set who the bad guys are and who the good guys are and after watching these it made me feel like i want to cry, maybe its from the great combination of the music and action being shown or the way the story is told that it reflects the way we look at things albeit this'll be such a great film hoping that it'll be show worldwide

Author — RustlingJimmy


yeah Hollywood has given the German military a very bad image, almost cartoonist in its portrayal of the soldier...but then you have to ask the question...who owns, and runs Hollywood!!..

Author — brian poole


Look at EUROPE now its crap I feel sad.

Author — Lorna Doone


Ähm.. für was soll das gut sein? Schon klar, Ende, ergeben, verlieren, etc. kennt man aus den Geschichtsbüchern. Aber was will mir der Film sagen??

Author — Jesus Messerschmidt


Do you read books guys?...cause then i can recomend "Tigers in the mud" by Otto Carius ( who recently passed away).
One of the leading panzer aces during WW2.

Author — Björn Nylander


Awesome. I love WW2 films that show the German perspective. I am sooo tired of watching the war from the allies' perspective over and over. Good job.

I just can't wait for this fine piece of art to be released!

Author — Adrien Fowl


The German unscrewed the cap on the grenade but didn't pull the lanyard.

Author — paul williams


The Feldgrau uniforms were the best uniforms ever.

Author — Ray D


idk why they always show how germans surender in the western front while the real battles were in the east .

Author — 정막심


In regard to all the nitpicky commentary:

There are those that create and produce things with time, money, and effort.

And there are anonymous trolls who sit on their behinds and criticize what others create and produce. If you think you can film a better movie, then do it.

Author — Bobby Ricigliano


Brilliant - nice touch - Sturmann Lunser makes it a real 1945 film - thumbs up

Author — John Jones


viewing the comments, thought I'd chime in. I had three uncle's fighting in WW2, in Europe. None of them hated the Germans, Hitler maybe, but they had a job to do. One was a combat engineer, went through D-Day and much more, had a small box with some medals he had earned, but would never talk to anyone about what he had experienced. He started talking to me a bit when I enlisted in '80. Sadness was expressed, regret, he had seen some horrible things. But, all three held the typical German soldier in high regard. Horrible things happened on both sides. There were good and bad people on both sides. But, had it gone the way Hollywood depicted, the Allies would have won in a few weeks. I prefer 'foreign' films, as they tend to have more depth and substance. An actual story. Oh well.

Author — Rick Smith


When is this film released and where can I watch it?

Author — Max Z.C


i dont see the theme of this movie.. it just a collection of angle with WWII props. drone was seeing, not so good movie i think

Author — AB Sadewa


Nice vid guys, but the shadow of the camera drone spoils it a bit at 6:00

Author — Raymond Necke