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Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | In this program, we'll nibble chocolate cake at an Old World café, and marvel at the indomitable Gothic cathedral at the heart of town. Then we’ll tiptoe through the Hofburg Palace, be dazzled by the Habsburg crown jewels at the Imperial Treasury, sniff vinegar and Kraut at the Naschmarkt, and waltz to the three-four beat of Johann Strauss in Vienna's City Park.

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Oh man, I just graduated from high school and trying to save some money so I can travel around the continent for a while. These videos get me so hyped!!

Author — L


Vienna is an introvert's dream city; everyone keeps to themselves, and that is considered normal.

Author — mike wood


I live in Vienna (I am Austrian) and I think it is the most beutiful City in Europe.I suggest everyone who wants to see European culture to come to Vienna the center of Europe.

Author — M95


Going to Vienna(The City of Musicians) and mentioning only one composer is just sooo wrong!

Author — Khizar ali


Lived there for about a year, visiting there every two years in Christmas.
One of the most beautiful cities in the world. When I Jackpot, that the city I will move to live rest of my life.

Author — C K


I'm from krakow which was in austro-hungarian empire and I can see some similarities there's also a ring road where the walls used to be and big opera building but everything is on a smaller scale. And from what I see cafe Trzesniewski has been established by Mr. Trzesniewski from Krakow.

Author — V8 Powerr


Vienna is an amazing city, been there and loved it..

Author — CoolPixx23


i think there is no country in the world where u can play football/soccer in front of the resident of the acctual president. (hofburg)
every 2-3 month events in front of town hall, like ice skating, food from all of the world, and so on...
we like each others... (but our new... nah dont matter... still no crime here in vienna)

Author — TexasTom Boe


That last shot with the semi truck rolling by when he is talking about class and culture and history is hysterical! Perfect timing!

Author — Jackie Phillips


A few things I like to add to Mr. Steves' narrative, which was good as a general historical background for tourists, but still... That popular 'Hungarian uprising' he refers to in the middle of the video, was the 1848-49 Independence War, which the Habsburg forces were unable to defeat on their own. Only by overwhelming military intervention coming from the Russian czar, the Hungarians were finally overcome. The issue with Empress Sissi and her bittersweet story is also deserve to be expanded upon: Perhaps because of the stifling atmosphere in the Hofsburg,  or because of her own suffering under the oppressive and tyrannical mother-in-law Princess Sophie, she has sympathized with the plight of Hungarians early on, which led her to became an unofficial advocate, who helped the Austrian - Hungarian Compromise to be accomplished in 1867. Later she enjoyed extended periods of time in that part of her realm, learned that difficult language, and became a through and through friend. Her loving memory is still alive there.

Author — wotan20


Thank you so much for this video about this wonderful city

Author — Mohamed Shalaby


We would love to welcome you to our beautiful city Vienna.

Author — Fery Fery


The Kaisergruft is fascinating. Those who worked on the metal sculptures for the tombs were geniuses in their own right.
Do spend a few hours there. :)

Author — Ken Lee


Just a day before I m back from Vienna, lovely city . video is very nice .

Author — anita deshpande


I love me some Vienna August 2015. Beautiful historical buildings. The architectural buildings which I love.

Author — Teresita Palms


Vienna, what a place ! absolutely amazing ! lots of ancient spots to visit

Author — Omar Montrealer


Its so funny to see how Americans see Europe! xD

Author — Sam


A city well-worth visiting...try and take the train to around Christmas time...

Author — thomas gamble


Great video of Vienna Rick. Thanks for sharing. I just subbed.

Author — Travel with Tommy


I am currently reading "Sisi, Empress on Her own" By Allison Pataki--historical fiction on Empress Sisi' actual life <33

Author — Zoe Fang