Football's Most Dangerous Rivalry

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Football's Most Dangerous Rivalry 4.5

The rivalry between football clubs Rangers and Celtic goes past typical name calling and dives into violence, racial slurs and pure hatred.

The rivalry between Glasgow's "Old Firm" sides is the most famous in world football. It's the game's flagship loathing, proof of the power of the sport to inspire profound levels of tribal loyalty and a near-Pavlovian revulsion at anything to do with a rival. We examine the situation and try to get a handle on the political, religious, and national identity clashes that have shaped the rivalry, speak to fanzine editors on both sides of the divide and travel with the Bhoys' away support to a match at Tannadice.

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Seen a guy with a Rangers tracksuit on getting battered by 3 guys. So I jumped over to help. He stood no chance against the 4 of

Author — No Name


I’m American and even the biggest of American Football rivalries are puny compared to this 😂

Author — Young Money Child Support


A few years ago, my brother was in Glasgow. After checking into his hotel, he went to bar next door for a beer. As soon as he walked in the entire bar went silent. Almost immediately guys burst up out of their seats and advanced on him. The bartender pointed at my brother: "YOU!! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!"
Turns out my brother had stumbled into a Rangers bar wearing a green jacket!
He had no clue of the rivalry. He said, "What the hell did I do?!?"
Instantly the bartender realized the situation: "EASE UP LADS! HE'S A YANK!" My brother said, "Yeah. I'm from California." The whole bar relaxed, and several fans came over to explain to my brother the rivalry and it's history...and they bought all his beers for him too! They ended up being really cool to him.
He later told me he thought he was going to wake up in a hospital, or worse.

Author — Michael Brumbach


“People getting shot” shafiq:just a bit of banter

Author — The Mighty Squirrel


"He called me an English wanker, which is difficult to deny"

Author — Joel Aldo


He accepts everybody but calls Irish people Fenians, and is part of the EDL. Ahahaha

Author — luke rogers


Old Glesga joke: An American tourist is lost on Paisley Road West while trying to get to the Southern General Hospital. He goes into a local pub and asks the bartender: "Uh, do you know the quickest way to the Southern General from here?" To which the barkeep quickly responds: "Aye, sure pal, just shout 'Fuck the Rangers' and ye'll be there in five minutes."

(I'm a Celtic fan btw)

Author — Steven McBrien


"You've just shamed the whole of Germany" 😂

Author — DeathmatchIcon


My man just dropped an n bomb like it was nothing 😂

Author — Ben Robinson


I watched the whole video and just realized this video is almost 7 years old

Author — iRealZeta


"Hello, hello, we are the Billy boys"

This sounds all right.

"We're up to our knees in Fenian blood, surrender or you'll die"


Author — Nicholas Butler


That moment when you realize we need subtitle for those who’s speaking English

Author — McTavish Soap


So Abdul said he wants to treat people the same but sing anti catholic songs?

Author — pierce craig


Abdul, Rangers Fan, Union Jack Umbrella, Northern Ireland Jacket, EDL, SDL. Jesus what a man

Author — Christian Nogueira Harper


9:05 nice of that lad to take his parrot to matchday

Author — Woody81


I wonder how these guys dealt with Rangers' bankruptcy and Celtic owning Scotland for so many years in a row.

Author — calamorta


Interviewer: Are these good conditions for a fight, driving wind and freezing rain?
Interviewee: Looks around at (horrible) weather..."excellent"

Author — Dial Square


Whoever put up the captions- that's the real MVP here

Author — Farhad S


I'm borrowing "soap dodger" for hockey games.

Author — Travis Dermott


its funny that they need to put captions on the native english speakers.

Author — sudarshan lamichhane