7 Most Disturbing And Haunting Instagram Posts Ever

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That older sister is disgusting asf. She is going straight to hell!!!!

Author — Sirenity Winfield


I don't find the tattoo story haunting or disturbing at all. I think it's awesome.

Author — ICallsEmLikeISeesEm


Welcome to the safe zone known as the comments, we have hot chocolate and cookies. ツ

Author — It’s Delightful


Don’t go hiking with your unstable ex boyfriends.

Author — ned flanders


so instead of using the phone to call the police she decided to live stream her sister dying...

Author — Yasmine the sandwich


Kills her sister live on Instagram, then smiles and laughs about it in court. Ya, that screams psychopath...

Author — Colleen C


The pink haired chick looked MISERABLE in that pic she was caught in.

Author — politexchangeofbullets jenny-Tuohy


If you have to say, “if something happens to me you know who I was with, ” means don’t go.

Author — Kheepsiyah Israel


Moral of the story: stay safe in bed and don’t go out hiking:)

Author — Lucyyy


why is she pronouncing x’s name Ike it’s a french dish

Author — im bored


That girl who killed her sister is definitely a sociopath and psychopath. She had no remorse

Author — fabs34


Anyone who ever tells you they will hurt themself if they don't have you back in there life ...RUN and don't look back !

Author — Nature Owl


It looked like the girl who killed her sister was laughing in court?

Author — Sharon Delaney


All I can focus is the way she spelled “ÄX ÃX ÆX TENTACIÕAN “

Author — sushi


Mountains don't need railings; mountains need people to stop being so damned stupid.

Author — Brandy McNamee


Like who doesn't wear seatbelts? It's not that hard. One click will save a life.

Author — Abbygail Kulp


And don't go to cliffs with your exes.

Author — Kathie Brophy


The teen who shot up the school had so many signs and told people. Yet no one did anything. And knew the info to the guns. Yea. Real smart. Great job.

Author — NaMjOoNs PrInCeSs


She didn’t “lose control” she was high off xans and drunk! This happened in my town and she deserves life in prison and more!

Author — Alexsis Alicia


The guy who PURPOSELY killed his ex got 52 years in He should have gotten a LIFE SENTENCE

Author — Amaka M. Chukwura