Bocchi the Rock! OP - Seishun Complex - Guitar Fingerstyle Cover [FREE TABS]

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Thank you for all of your amazing support, my channel surpassed 3k subscribers over the last few weeks. I will try my best to keep up with the growth of the channel!

I really love the anime so far, all the characters are so lovable. Looking forward to more animations of their performance. Hoping to see this song performed in the anime too, definitely my favorite this season.

This one is more on the difficult side, and very fun to play for me. It is a fast song for sure. I have been practicing fast strumming for this song, which I used in the chorus. My intent is to make it sounds like the drum in the original, but since I have not strum at such speed before, I still need to practice that more. I hope I can ultilize it better in future arrangements. The outro is a special one too. I try to make it sounds close to the original, although in the original it is played on electric guitar and the technique is a little bit different, but I really like the resulting effect so far.

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Чувак это звучит прекрасно, я желаю тебе удачи в продвижении

Author — Сон Джин Ву


Excellent cover 😎, one question, do you strum with your middle finger while playing with your index finger?

Author — GansoGamer98


Very good cover bro ive just watched all the current episodes and im loving it so far, cool that you like it too keep up the great covers as always 👍👍🔥❤❤❤

Author — Yo mama


man this is so good, im going to learn classical guitar too

Author — MSDM4


Amazing you are my god of fingerstyle arrange !

Author — Gjanzz


Very nice cover! I like it, looking forward for the tabs!

Author — Dia Na


Can you make a tutorial for it please?!! I really want to learn it but its difficult without knowing the chords and finger placing at times 😭

Author — harry k


Wow Dude Is So Good Keep The Good Work, Can You Do It The End Of Life By mori Calliope?

Author — Lightning Red Fox


can you write down the numbers? I want to play it too🗿

Author — Tada no otaku-ただのオタク


Realmente increíble, aspiró ser como tú, suerte

Author — PkanKo