Chandrayaan 2 landing on Moon: Vikram lander to face 'terrifying' 15 minutes

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Chandrayaan 2 landing on Moon: Vikram lander to face 'terrifying' 15 minutes 4.5
Chandrayaan 2, India's ambitious mission to soft-land on the surface of the Moon is a proud moment for every Indian! But, as Vikram lander prepares to soft-land on the Moon, the descent will be marked by 15 "terrifying" minutes for ISRO! Watch the video to know why the landing is a big feat!
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30% scientist in NASA are Indians
Google and Microsoft chiefs are Indians
India has the biggest Army of doctors, scientist and engineers in the entire world.
UN peace force compromises of 40% of Indians.
Proud to be an Indian.

Author — Rastra Dharam


I pray God... To please help the satellite get communication connection 🙏

Author — Shubhang Walavalkar


As an American, I say, "F'ing good for you India!." Keep pushing forward!

Author — Eric H


Don't worry vikram will be very safe and soft land also but signal's only lost round station it's will be connected automatically any time...

Author — K Reddy


Hugging ISRO chief by Honourable prime minister of India is heart touching going India This is not the End viewing from Nagaland.

Author — Hosea Meya


If the scientists can really control the satalite, can check the speed, make the moves accordingly, can see the working of satalite can decide where to land, can see the robot live on their stations....From
MUCH distance. Then why do they show ANIMATED landing and all that pictures in public monitors. Once I heard about a picture sent by robot from mars. I looked it .It viewd just a tyre of the robot and nothing else.for this the scientists are expending the public property.

Author — Sanjay Ghildiyal


our robot is still working on the moon and waiting for you. hope it's just a small communication trouble.

Author — liu mount



Author — Siddhant Shah


Indian should not feel bad on failure since Israel & United States together were trying to put rover on the moon without human aboard many months ago, but also failed (crashed landing) due to lack of technological innovation. The obstacles of the moon landing have been teaching us it's not easy to land on the moon surfaces without extensive scientific research, learning & processes. Furthermore, as an existing, it is very difficult to land on the moon surfaces with human aboard. When involve to human aboard, there are so much problems and extensive research and engineering development, and testing how to protect astronauts from dangers elements in the deep space frontier. Failures do not mean the end of the projects, it merely the need to improve scientific knowledge and skill needed for the future missions. Nothing is perfect in this world since society, and the world, in addition to technologies rapidly changing the face of the earth without predictable & noticeable. With all the latest technology, supercomputers, very large memories & with assist from latest hardware & software technologies, but most advanced countries in the world still cannot safely put rover on the moon; then how can we land on the moon in 1969, especially with human aboard, that was totally lie, cheat, and trick. 1969... moon landing previously merely movie studio with special affect & multiple layers & assist from hardware & software technology at that time. Internal Space Station (ISS) is the good place for testing & realize how human body function, living & operate in space. In ISS, astronauts seem to be floating on air; however, in 1969 lying, the faked astronauts drove buggy like gangsters on Nevada dessert (Area 51). Additionally, 1969 technology was so low. With megabytes memories including space shuttle & control center, how can they put rover, especially with human aboard on the moon? If the U.S. & Israel cannot put rover safely on the moon now with very high tech assisted, then it's no way (impossible) to put rover on the moon previously (1969). Actually, China is only country being able to put rovers (without human) on the moon surfaces twice; landing other side of the moon is the latest with 5G+ technology assisted. The faster calculation with assist from hardware & software technology, and with scientific knowledge and skill approach, the fewer errors may be occurred. Scientific learning process never end since many new inventions are produce each day. On the foundation of science, nothing is absolute truth. They are the subjects to modification& even abandonment when a new scientific proven available.

Author — Dr Ninh Pham Ph.D


next time surely we'll succeed

Author — Vinayaka M


Some people say that, "the possibility of Vikram the lunar Satellite to land on Moon is less than 40%."
Do you all agree with it?

Author — Samrath Gaming Technicals


Chandryan 2 travelled a distance 3, 83, 998 KM but went silent on 2.1 KM.. 5% lost but the remaining 95 per cent, that is the Chandrayaan 2 orbiter, is orbiting the moon successfully❤️✨...Hope one day we will succeed 100%🇮🇳♥️

Author — Deepika Raut


We all know it's based on science but we can relate with god

Author — Ritik Gurmukhwani


Building equipment for moon exploration is good business.

Author — pkasb90


That's the reason y i love keeps on innovating

Author — Kiran joshi


India will surely successful from Nagaland ) May God continue to help them(ISRO)....

Author — Chungpa ClYmn


Chandaryaan chud gaya chutiyo apni gareeb janta ka pesa zaya kardiya.
Ab sandas 3 launch karna.
Lul toilet less mind less nation randian.

Author — Rehan Ranizai


Isro cheapest launch for satellites made it from profit

Author — Sunil Ipe


Failure is a key of success so don't worry we Indian we can

Author — Nikhil Tiwari


hovering at luna kod type failure not of reflective quartz problems perhaps ever maybe if not be the sensor of the landing flight control if anything is the frustrating not having a secondary design as is station engineering crews.

Author — Slyde InfinitySpinCasts