Lara Croft- Tomb Raider - Official Trailer (2001)

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Tomb Raider was the first major Hollywood film to shoot in Cambodia since Peter O'Toole starred in Lord Jim in 1964. The Tomb Raider crew were all set to travel to China to film the Terracotta Army coming to life, when the sequence was pulled at the last minute, as it had already been featured in a Chinese movie. Cambodia was next on the list and Hanuman Films was chosen for scouting at Angkor. Following a successful scout with a full technical crew, Paramount British Pictures appointed Hanuman Films as their local servicing partner in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Kulikar Sotho worked as Local Liason Manager, essentially Line Producer, arranging all filming permissions, script approval, temporary import/re-export of equipment, visas, accommodation, transport and catering for the production. Nick Ray worked as Location Manager on the film, selecting locations for the shoot, building a photographic inventory of the temples used in shooting, approving all sets or alterations to be made at each site and working with local authorities every step of the way to ensure this first sensitive shoot at Angkor passed without incident.

Hanuman Films also took responsibility for recruitment of extras, recruitment of site security, recruitment of humpers and labourers and recruitment of a large team of interpreters (some turned out to be more like interrupters, but most acquitted themselves well!).

Tomb Raider premiered on June 15th 2001 at Mann's Theatre in Los Angeles. Nick and Kulikar were both invited to the premiere and stayed with Producer Lloyd Levin for a long weekend of partying.

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Sure this movie was pretty light hearted and a little cheesy at times, but Angelina Jolie was the PERFECT Lara Croft. She had that perfect blend of class and attitude.

Author — Rennzith


I grew up with the Lara croft films. I loved all the locations and adventure. They weren't meant to be Oscar winners, but they were fun.

Author — John Smith


Don't be fooled by this bad trailer. This was an epic movie!

Author — Stephen Hedger


I think Angelina is more rough and beliavable as Lara Croft than the new one.

Author — Windamor


Shouldn't Jorah Mormont be in Essos right now?

Author — JilTheReal


Came here after watching the 2018 reboot trailer to clear my soul. Sorry but Lara Croft is one of the most iconic video game characters and Angelina Jolie was and is the only one who carried out Laras charm and pride exactly the right way. I am a huge fan of Tomb Raider since I'm a child and these new games and movies are a shame. Sorry not sorry.

Author — Cindy Lovett


Man I wish I was old enough to see Tomb Raider in theaters when it first came out! I was only a 1 year-old in 2001, so there’s NO WAY I could’ve seen and remember it. I got to watch it back in 2013, and I’m still thinking about it 7 years later. Angelina Jolie is so rememberable! 😭

Author — Javian Johnson


I miss Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft All her leading partner in this movie got their big break after.

Author — Gigi Sadac


Cant believe Angelina was only 25 in this!

Author — Shane Earley


I wonder why people have a great dislike for Angelina Jolie. 
Although most of her films don't do well at the box office, her performances in those films are full of praise. 

Also, when she did Changeling, she proved that she can play a very dramatic role. 

I suggest that Clint Eastwood should take her for more movies. 

She's excellent. 

Author — Chris Evans


I went on an adventure course and I was the only one to complete the hardest climbing wall out of 39. This guy nicknamed me Lara Croft. I feel special! 😱

Author — Crazyalpaca Productions


Angelinas voice is so perfect for this I miss her British accent

Author — Agnes Price


I've always been a huge Tomb Raider fan and I loved the movie! Don't know why all the criticism lol.

Author — Ariel Grushka


Chris Stuckmann was right. After I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago I must say, its the best adventure trash movie I have ever seen ( sadly the sequel is a big disaster ). So much fun. :D And Jolie is for me the best Lara Croft of all time ( and yes, I saw the new Tomb raider version - Alicia is great, but Angelina is perfect for the role ).

Author — Arrows


Both parts are fascinating and brilliant! Angelina is PERFECT for the role of Lara. It is truly a disappointment when they have replaced her with that other girl, which I really do not see as Lara at all.

Author — Theyann PentaGram


1:38 . So realistic. So amaze. Magic.

Author — JJ Hoffman


Maybe I'm just getting older or I just don't watch enough modern films, but this trailer for me was way more fun to watch than the reboot trailer recently released. The new movie just feels cheap and uninspired for some reason. I guess I just miss how movies never took themselves that seriously back then. Haven't seen this movie since it first came out (I was 11 or so when it first debuted) so I can't really remember all that much, but the action sequences I'm seeing here seem a lot more engaging and adrenaline fuelled. Although it may not be the case once I give it a rewatch some day.

Author — Monty J.


One of the best movie & game characters existing!

Author — E N


I realized that they were filming in my homeland lol

Author — Marylinh Duong


fuck whoever thought of making a new version of tomb raider with a new fake lara croft lmfao. ruined my childhood. legit had an heart attack. angelina stays lara, she is perfect for it.

Author — Alexia's Traduzioni