'The recession has already started': David Rosenberg on the U.S. economy

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'The recession has already started': David Rosenberg on the U.S. economy 4.5

There's been growing concern over the state of the global economy. For more on this and why he thinks the U.S. recession has already started, BNN Bloomberg spoke with David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Gluskin Sheff + Associates.

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For me and the folks I largely know, the recession never ended. Quality of life isn't what it think of when I think of America.

Author — JMB


Recession never ended from 2008 look wages and inflation and prices

Author — Serge Pajcin


BS. Anyone who goes to the Supermarket each week knows we have inflation.

Author — Randy Best


LOW Cost of living is already too high for the majority of people and keeps going up.

Author — R R


The so-called great economy was never great.The middle class and the poor still struggling.

Author — Glenn Z


It started in July 2018. Im a trucker rates are low volumn is extremely low. Reefer loads available down 55% Flatbed down 74.5% Van loads down 50.3 . These are compared to last yr. 29.9% of trucks sitting empty. These numbers come from nations number 1 loadboard for truckers. Ask yourself if this is a booming economy how and why are Trucking companies filing for backruptcy. Truck sales are down lots are filling up with repo's . Im a Republican i have done nothing but lose money in 2018 2019. Im lucky to survive 2019

Author — MOONSHADOW 1918


Rates are already at recession level don't help the real people, only rich people.

Author — Mark Paintner


So you mean a consumer based economy needs consumers with money to spend? Wall St. killed the Golden Goose 11 years ago.

Author — Michelle Burkholder


Deficit going out of control, fake economy

Author — Rob Dim


My whole life has been a recession, and, let it come, my people been in a recession since I was born.

Author — John Pratt


Interest rates are too low. No one has an incentive to save, and consumer borrowing is insane.

Author — Richard Murray


Inflation is killing Americans The cost of products and services is out of control along with inflated real estate. It’s going to be a major slow economic downfall

Author — 1CBRDUDE


So when is the housing market going to crash so I can buy a house? . . .

Author — Cat Women


That's ok because for the average American worker the recession never ended.

Author — Kristopher Carmona


Brace for depression, it will come !!!!

Author — Zio Slayer Bear


Mr. Rosenberg chose to ignore the extreme inflation in shelter, education, and healthcare.

Author — Michael Kestrel


Well as time goes by, more and more economists start to sound like Peter Schiff, maybe he is not crazy after all, he just sucks at timing

Author — JuanFernando Gracia


QE failed. So more QE is the solution? Talking about insane...

Author — Tom Sawyer


This guy is basically saying we need zero percent interest rates.

Author — Chris Moore


All these strategies kind of look like tactics to get people to pull their retirement savings and put it back in the stock market they want a piece of that 60 trillion dollar savings retirement pensions

Author — Spartacus547