World War 3 - [Version 2] - Every Few Days [Perfected]

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World War 3 - [Version 2] - Every Few Days [Perfected] 2.5
The World stands on the brink, tensions flare. War is inevitable.
Music - "March Slav" by: Tchaikovsky
Entente - "On-ton-t"
Corrections: 2:57 Technological* & Macedonians*, 4:04 Transnistria* & Yugoslavia*
P.S- If anyone feels inclined to make a mod for my World War 3 series , or my Aftermath series, they can as long as I get to play it.

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Only 3.5 Billion in war reparations? The Germans paid around 25 Billion for WW2.

Author — Elliot Gengler


Me: Looks at Germany
Me: Wait...

Author — Mr Ald


U.K.: Die Russia!

U.S.A.: Die China!

France: Oh no I’ve been invaded again!

Germany: I’m gonna invade Austria and parts of Poland, because why not?!

Switzerland: *raises sunglasses briefly* TF they on about

Author — Zachary Wilson


why does the philippines declare war on allies

what drugs are you on??

Author — Marcus Justiniani


1:03 "the internet collapses" sounds like ajit pai was behind this all along!

Author — Default Dance


*World War 3 Mapping*
Always the red first gain victory
In the middle of war, no blue small offensive
After some red failure, the blue gain victory

Author — dirty heri


Anyone else expected France to get invaded through Belgium again?

Author — Emperor Palpatine


I love how Switzerland stays neutral

Author — WaaromNietSven


Germany's first time on allies and Russia's first time on axis

Author — Evan Esswein


Then a Russian artist becomes dictator of Russia and starts ww4

Author — Sky


wtf uploader?!! Russia takes 2/3 of Europe and the war is close to an end and then "NATO's technology advancement over Russia and China begins to show off"? And then Nato fights with Russian sticks lmao! wtf?

Author — Ahmed Daliposki


Y'all wrong.. WW3 will basically be Fallout 4.

Author — Rayu


Hmm, that's weird

*Berlin falls again*
I mean, I wonder if Merkel committed

Author — QuickdrawMacaw24


I don't know with what kind of weapons ww3 will be fought but the sure thing is that ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones.
- Albert Einstein -

Author — Marvel Fan!!!


To all of you saying "ugh so unrealistic", maybe he just does this because mapping is fun and he genuinely enjoys it. Not to predict the future. If you've ever watched mapping before, they also say "Hey guys, don't get triggered, I don't actually think this'll happen", so why would this be any different? Mapping doesn't just have to be accurate, it also needs to be fun to watch.

Author — Cranberry Fish


*I hope that there will be no war, and there will be peace on earth.*

Author — Приветик TM


Finland, Sweden and Spain saved everyone xD

Putin: never invade Finland again

Author — Veeti Salovaara


Russia wouldn’t break through and conquer all of Europe that easily. They’d get to Ukraine and then would get stopped in their tracks by EU forces. The war at that point would just turn into a giant slugfest that goes no where (I.e WW1).

The Asian front will definitely have more movement but I think the Japanese and Chinese will be in a stalemate. Even though China have much more manpower, I don’t think they’d muster enough force to be able to get past the Japanese home fleet and US pacific fleet. They’d both bomb each other’s mainlands but that’s about it.

The allied fleet in the pacific won’t get destroyed by the Chinese either, the Japanese were only able to destroy most of the US pacific fleet in pearl harbour because radar was primitive and satellite technology didn’t exist yet. Now, the US would be able to spot Chinese naval movements. Before someone says China can take down US satellites, I’m pretty sure the US can take out china’s as well. Which means the US can just move around it’s fleet in the pacific so the Chinese don’t know its exact position.

You also forgot possible conflicts in Africa. I would seriously be surprised if a country didn’t decide to make a massive land grab for the continents resources in the midst of all the chaos.

One last thing, in a war scenario like this people always forget the possibility of an Alaskan/ Siberian front. If a war between America and Russia broke out, wouldn’t it be possible for the americans to launch an attack through Europe to divert most of Russia’s force to its European border and leave its eastern parts open for the Americans to come through Siberia?

EDIT: I forgot about Israel. Israel would NEVER get conquered in a conflict like this, if it came to it, I don’t think they’d have any qualms with using everything in their arsenal which includes nuclear weapons / chemical weapons. In reality I can see the Middle East being levelled and turned into a giant wasteland if everyone tried to invade Israel

Author — The Joker


France can retake her territories in the South...

Author — Romain Theories


Here’s how World War 3 would really go: World at war. Explosions everywhere. Everything burns to the ground in nuclear hellfire. The end.

Author — Elucidate