‘We’re Sick and Tired’: Voices From Minneapolis Protests | NYT News

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‘We’re Sick and Tired’: Voices From Minneapolis Protests | NYT News 4.5

The death of George Floyd at the hands of the police set off days of protests in Minneapolis. Demonstrators challenged a curfew on Saturday and took to the streets for the fifth day in a row. Here’s why.

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That guy that jumped in to save that girl was brave.

Author — Kwan Mah


I’m going to write a book called “I survived 2020”

Author — Adapter Z.


Once upon a time there was a country called

Author — Elle T


2020 is going down in history as one of the worst years in the 21st century.

Author — TheLeah2344


Is America great again yet?

Looks like America is going to need some of that democracy and freedom they destroyed other countries for

Author — Zadri задри


It's great irony. America's expect the crowd to be in discipline when their trained police couldn't even show the discipline to follow country laws about discrimination

Author — elara 24


As a Minnesota native (and a Minneapolitan for 8 years), this outrage was inevitable and long overdue. It was disgusting to see nothing happened after the murder of Philando Castile and we need a lot of changing, sweeping reforms to ensure the police serve us and not bully neighbors into some sick definition of submission.

What I don’t support is the looting, no matter who’s doing it. A lot of non-corporate places are being damaged, torched or looted and they’re owned by people in the community or people of color. In a city such as Minneapolis, these places (such as the Karem Mall) are hubs for people and immigrants to connect and places to get essentials on the bus line or without driving. Destroy those places and the most vulnerable are left without.

Author — Rachel S


And to think that months ago, in other countries there were also riots, people demanding basic human rights, liberation, etc. It seems like this is the start of a decade of revolution.

Author — Lucas Pinto


#blacklivesmatter Here in Brazil, we have the same problems, in Rio police killed a 14yo in his own house, he was shot 23 times for doing nothing...

Author — Julio PR-ADO


Just like the old times: if you want equality and peace, prepare for war.

Author — It’s a Boshlevik! [RF] [ANB]


People: “we protest against the police killing people”
Cops: “🔫💣”

Author — Hello I’m gay


Peaceful protests didn’t work time and again, violent protests have also
proven time and again to not work, how do we fix this deeply rooted problem?

Author — Yung CashRegister


I'm sure you're really helping the cause by stealing that 50 inch TV

Author — Jerry Martinez


George Floyd’s parents publicly said that he wouldn’t want this.

Author — bre grace


"What message are we sending by destroying what is ours?"

Author — Jessi Wilson


Its useless being the world police...
US can't even take cere of it's own police!

Author — D.C. Bystander


Everyone tell me is this a dream I feel like is this the end the world

Author — Shiena Aladad


"In the white room with black curtains, at the station"

Author — nettraveller


Also please be careful. Department of Justice is waving habeas corpus and Trump has enacted the War Powers so if arrested an individual can be detained indefinitely till the end of pandemic with no rights.

Author — ConTroller


I feel that higher authorities should give some assurance that they will take some action against the culprits and calm down the public first by gaining trust and assuring them security and making serious laws against such stuffs its sad 🙏 peace

Author — Siddharth Sharma