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Pakistan's Transgenders: Hidden Lives (LGBTQ+ Documentary) | Real Stories 4.5
Flamboyant, colourful and eccentric, many among Pakistan's marginalised transgender community scrape a living through dancing, singing and begging on the streets of the country’s economic capital, Karachi. Many others, though, earn money catering for the sexual needs of local men in the city's seedier districts.

Investigating a never-before-seen side of life in Pakistan, this film from Oscar and EMMY award-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy follows the stories of three transgender people, who each represent a different way of life in the country. Maggie is a prostitute who dreams of becoming an air hostess, while Chahat was abandoned by her middle-class family to beg on the streets. Sana is Karachi's most sought-after transgender dancer, desperate to give up the profession after a particularly gruesome gang rape. Is there any hope for these courageous individuals who want to stand out on their own?

With exclusive access, this cutting-edge film goes behind the scenes of the transgender community to uncover the truth behind Pakistan’s Open Secret.

Official Selection, United Nations Association Film Festival

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It broke my heart when Chahat said she would be happy to be a dog just so she could live with her mother. 😢

Author — Hanna


Be Respectful and Kind to them, their life is tougher than our expectations.



“They’re ruing our society” no the hate is ruining it

Author — unwanted cure


Ok so men hate them, right ? Then who picks them up when they pull over the car ?
Hypocrisy, no ?

Author — Pankaj Gorey


i want to go and save Chahat she broke my heart

Author — callme zizou


It's funny how men dictates what makes a woman respectable. Yet it's these men who pull up at nights seeking for pleasure. Bloody hypocrites.

Author — roxy lib


Chahat is giving me a ride of emotions. Such a pure soul

Author — nemani koushik


I’m crying for Chahat😥 she’s a real girl, not crazy or conceded.. she’s only ever wanted a family.. if I could I would let her live with me and we would be family:, -)

Author — alien_invation :3


Chahat broke me. She has such pure eyes, and the way she talks, she seems exhausted. If you can convey to Chahat, then please tell her tht she has a sister in India. I would happily consider her my family. It's difficult here too, but it's improving. Allah tumhe khush rakhe, Chahat. Tumhari saari khwaishein poori ho

Author — MOON R


The so called gurus are the absolute worse. More like pimps. Tueh tueh

Author — Chinonso Anyaegbu


when Chahat said he wishes he was a dog just to live with his ma my heart broke 💔

Author — LittleGirl Blue Joplin


This breaks my heart. No one deserves to suffer like this

Author — Winter Violet Audios


I feel sorry for chahat & I believe everyone saw sadness in her eyes & how she wished to have a happy family

Author — Waheed Balushi


Give them the respect they deserve because everyone is human like us..

Author — syam Gopalakrishnan


Someone start a go fund me for chahat please I’ll happily contribute I’m desperate to know if she’s ok

Author — Jarin


I'll never complain about my life again .

Author — Naman Paul


When maggi says if I love him then I can’t be able to leave him so I don’t love him I just desire him
It really kinda hit me hard 😞😞

Author — sahil khan



"your mother is a tart."

Author — ind1go


"That's why i don't love him, I just desire him. If i fall in love, I won't be able to leave him." 💔💔💔

Author — Shiena LA


"Chances of this are one in a hundred thousand, it's quite rare"
Our population is 22crore girl do your own math

Author — Panda