[60fps Full] 二息歩行 Two breaths walking - Hatsune Miku 初音ミク Project DIVA Arcade English Romaji PDA FT

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[60fps Full] 二息歩行 Two breaths walking - Hatsune Miku 初音ミク Project DIVA Arcade English Romaji PDA FT 5
Love Deco*27!! (`・ω・´)/ Cool Miku!!!
Outfit names. Time / Japanese / English
0:00 初音ミク / Hatsune Miku
0:33 ブレスユー[髪飾OFF] / Breath You [hair ornament OFF]
0:45 初音ミクV3 / Hatsune Miku V3
0:46 ブレスユー / Breath You
0:57 パッチワーク / Patchwork
1:07 ゴシック / Gothic
1:08 スクール / School
1:09 妄想ガール / Fantasy girl
1:10 ホワイトワンピース / White One Piece Dress
1:18 TYPE2020
1:23 サイレン / Siren
1:31 ホワイト・イブ / White Eve
1:50 ヴィンテージドレス / Vintage dress
2:07 深海少女 / Deep sea girl
2:23 パンク / Punk
2:41 ∞ (インフィニティ) / ∞ (Infinity)
2:48 ピエレッタ / Pierretta
2:57 アジテーション / Agitation

( Nisoku Hokou DECO*27 DECO Inc. U/M/A/A デコニーナ Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade future tone VOCALOID ボーカロイド ボカロ English lyrics Romaji subtitles アーケード PV鑑賞モード ProjectDIVAArcade外部出力 Dance googoo888 初音 ミク 二足歩行 )

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She can play the guitar better than me, and she's not even touching it! wow, Miku`s amazing!!!

Author — 내가 리 민호 조아안녕


*Papa, Mama, Niina*
Ni i na
ニ = 2
ナ =7
Niina = 2--7 = Deco*27

Author — Sir Gremory


Can I just say that Miku's Deep Sea Girl outfit goes great with this video? :3

Author — NyanJay


"Hey, and who's breasts are you now feeding off right now?"

and i was like:O_o WTF?

Author — Sei-chan 16


I tried to make something similiar using this song and module.

After 12 hours....


Author — 혜진박


I love the song. I love the singer. I love the producer.

But i just can't understand the symbolism of this PV!

Author — Fan maquina


I CAN WATCH THIS AGAIN! I actually really like this song. This is only one of few songs that made me listen to more vocaloid music. I really like it now.

Author — Brandon Hargus Sub Channel



Author — [inactive] Thunderovski




Author — Bluu berry


I just realized, Miku plays a lefty guitar in this one. I wonder if it means something or if I'm just thinking to much into it.

Author — Inho 37


the graphics are amazing!!!! also I love deco*27 :D I actually bought a CD just cause of this song and I found myself loving the whole CD afterwords xD ty so much for this video!!! it looks so remastered :)

Author — rob25222


I have a theory about this song.. so if you're interested, continue on reading
lets make Miku and Kaito an example in this song. (ship or no ship, whatever)
the first thing that Miku says in this song is " this is the first page of the history of my growth"
I think she is saying that she is experiencing something different in her life which we could call "love" and I think this is her first time experiencing this. then when Miku told this news to her mother which she says "umm, Mama I met the person that I like", her mother says "I'm happy for you." signs that its okay with her. but after her mother's reply, Miku says that "I want to see you" and this might mean that she only communicates with her mother through phone or text messages.. and she wanted to talk to her mother in personal/(physically?) because you know, it's complicated to talk or explain to someone just by messages.. and the next part is, "hey, whose breasts are you feeding off right now? " have you learned words?" for me this means that , " who is your mother? why are you saying these painful words?". And this sentence connects to "just to hold you, why are the hands that I raised started to hurt you? ( it means that Miku slapped or hit Kaito, but she did not mean to hurt him but only to touch him in a "not really obvious way" that she likes him. ) and here comes the part that miku tells "Even the words I learned, stab into you like a knife cutting away your life" and yes, she explains here how hurtful?painful she knows her words are .. and how she noticed Kaito's reaction, when she said those words.. Then Kaito says " Well, before you release me from your knife, those lips. let's shut them with mine through our kiss.." so, Kaito is fighting with love.. instead of being fire to fire.. now this sentence " you'll now be breathing in my own breath . meaning that Kaito thought that the both of them are now inlove with each other.. And Miku said "your words had just dissolved in my saliva" saying that.. Kaito's words had no effect on Miku's feeling.. the rest of the song is just like this so im not gonna explain it anymore.. eheh we can say Miku in this song is somewhat Bipolar or cold, am I right? because she told her mother that she met the person she likes then later on .. she had no feelings for kaito? or maybe she is just really cold ehehe.. thanks for reading this! reply if this is what you think happened in this song!

Author — Tropa Tropia


Love Hatsune Miku!!! But.... Am I the only one who thinks that her mouth is odd looking and doesn't match the rest of her facial characteristics? I know, random but it looks like they want to give her lips but then it kinda stands out too far from her face and is a bit much. Everything else perfect, but her mouth is a challenge for me to look at sometimes.

Author — Sam Art Drallop


Love how you're posting more often now! Keep it up!❤️

Author — Miaeka


YES! Youtube unblocked this video FINALLY (*≧▽≦)

Author — Nezahualpilli



Author — Sifu Amor


Wow this song just came out in Future Tone and you already did a compilation of it! Amazing <3 I love this song though~ one of my favs ever by Miku~

Author — Rika Crescent


I love songs with these kind of tones....like, its like being yourself in a way...

Author — Jenny Fabia


"Whose breasts are you feeding on?" Uhhh...Miku, I think I've seen enough hentai references/actual hentai today so...

Author — -.Kit- Kat.-


Another forgotten song of Project DIVA 1st DLC.

Author — TPM