Michelle Wolf Live at the Apollo

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Michelle Wolf Live at the Apollo 4.5

Season 12 Episode 4 - Michelle Wolf is live at the Hammersmith Apollo, enjoy!

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"You should wear a bra! And make it fancy!"
I am dying here, imagining tiny scrotum bras with lace and pretty bows on them.

Author — Andromeda Kai


The more i listen to michelle wolf, the more i love her

Author — heyysimone


Michelle: “...so glad to be here in London”
Me: “...Oh it’s the other Apollo”

Author — T.K.


Michelle Wolf: "We're never gonna have a nice lady run for president"

Jacinda Ardern: Hold my beer

(I get that Jacinda Ardern is a Prime Minister, but the point remains xD )

Author — Anonymous


"I wanna get profits up and keep costs down and love me for me" JESUS hahahahahaha

Author — Who Dunnit


Her small laugh at the end of jokes is hilarious!

Author — Cotton ball


Absolutely perfect set -- she had so much momentum and didn't lose us at any point!

Author — Mariam Sheikh


never heard of her until her comments at the whitehouse correspondants dinner - FANTASTIC.

Author — scatty cat


She is so weird and goofy! I love her. Want to see more!!

Author — Neeraja Balachander


I Got IT!!! She's a real life Kari....you know...The girl that babysits Jack Jack in The Incredibles

Author — Aldo Christie


she is a goofy, giggly, vicious beast and I love her.

Author — TheRedGameboy


lmao that joke about the drapes was top class

Author — MasterJakeStudios


Cracks me up that Conservatives were so upset about the White House correspondent dinner as her routine starts with her bashing Hillary here.

Author — CCJJ160Channels


After watching Her special on hbo, I felt like I should go home and thank my mom lol I mean it. No woman has ever made me sympathize with women more than Michelle wolf has.

Author — voltair


Her voice is grating... but she makes it work!

Author — Pokémaster5000


Where has this woman been all my life? She's hilarious. First heard her last night. Can' get enough.

Author — Indys Dad


Men totally have body issues, it's not talked about though.

Author — TheSpacemannspiff


"Mom, can we go see Carrot Top?"
"No sweetie, we have Carrot Top at home."

Carrot Top at home:

Author — The Great Cthulhu


I saw her in Copenhagen yesterday, she was very funny.

Author — JacPod


I like the fact that MW ripped the WHCD to shreds. The "power elite" needs to be constantly be reminded as to who is really in power.

Author — Feisal Alykhan