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TRUTH 22 Productions in association with CiFi Records and SONY/The Orchard Distribution Presents Corey Feldmans self Directed New Short Film Starring his Beautiful wife Courtney Anne Feldman and himself, Corey shows a softer sensitive side as he reflects on all the ups and downs experienced over a lifetime with a partner you just cant imagine living wihout. This romantic heart grabber is sure to make some charts as its already building momentum on the likes of Spotify in its earliest days of release.

Short Film Credits:

Executive Producer: Corey Feldman

Associate Producer: Michael DeBarge
Associate Producer: Leon Frierson

Director: Corey Feldman
Story: Corey Feldman
Editor: Dominic Lancia
Co-Director: Leon Frierson
Director of Photography: William the Archetype
First AD: Antonio Lewis
File Library Manager: David Ruffin, Jr.
Communications Manager: Daimen Carter
Distributed by: Midtown Radio & Records, inc for CiFi Records

Song Credits

"Without U"
(C.Feldman, J. Michaels, G. Sartiano, M. Phillips)

Produced By: Corey Feldman & Gregg Sartiano

Written, Arranged, Composed By: Corey Feldman & Gregg Sartiano.
Co-written By: Jarrett Michaels and Michael Phillips. 
Engineered By:  Gregg Sartiano
Mixed By: Corey Feldman & Gregg Sartiano. 
Recorded at: Feldmansion Studios
Mastered by: Gregg Sartiano at Feldmansion Studios.

💬 Comments

Another excellent tune Corey!! this has a really feel good vibe, you and Courtney are beautiful together, love it💖🥳😁👍

Author — Lisa Whiteman


Props to who ever is screening these comments. Doing a great job buddy!

Author — Dick Champagne


This is a decent song! Of course, all that's important is that Corey is making the music he wants to make and that he is happy where he's at, but this style of song is so much better than songs like "Go 4 It" and "Comeback King." When he sings a little more softly instead of belting everything out, you can hear that he clearly does have vocal talent, and these lyrics seem so much more personal for him, which translates to those watching/listening! Just my two cents :)

Author — Kelsey Rusch


Man this is awesome! Hopefully you release it on cassette!

Author — Leb Hendo


Love it, I listened to this millions of times and I'm still not bored 👌

Author — smallsxnuggets


I love this song its exactly how I feel about my partner who passed 7yrs ago beautiful song, corey is one of many talents ❤

Author — Hazel Rance


Take it back man ...take it all back! Rock & Roll will never die, I salute you! I'm psyched to listen ...for Corey man, do it for Corey! Keep on Rocking A Go Go brother and don't stop, congratulations to everyone in the band, producers, the crew and everybody else too.

Author — Karl


I take it back, all that matters is that you are doing what you enjoy and spreading positivity, which is very evident. Best of luck Corey!

Author — TheDaxynn1


You are so freaking talented 💖 can't wait to hear you live!!

Author — Christi Halliday


Love it dude, keep up the great work Corey!

Author — Brad Edwards


💜this is a banger!! Lovin' the vocals!
Corey still got it!! Beautiful Couple!
☮💟 ☯

Author — Harlow Jade Mermaid


I absolutely love this, such a beautiful love song 🥰❤️❤️ love you both!

Author — KTG Fashionhouse


Corey you absolute legend! The love you guys share is inspiring + heartwarming ❤️😍 thank you for sharing this and keep the hits coming!

Author — Bobert the 3rd


Omg I absolutely love it!!! Amazing work Corey 🥰🥰🥰

Author — Lizzy G


Nicely done, good song structure, and good vocals!

Author — Greg Armstrong


You are an inspiration Corey, every song is getting better and better! I cant wait for the next video.
UK tour soon? 🇬🇧

Author — James O


Hands down your BEST SONG YET !!!! I really hope to meet you some day and cross that off my bucket list :) You are one of the most amazing people in the world and I wish you nothing but the best.



This is such a bop!! Love the lyrics! Your video is amazing too!! Wish i could like this more than once. 👏🏼 💙

Author — It's Layla


Man, you killed it. Great song! This was an enjoyable listen

Author — Acme Life


Put together perfectly, great feel! Loved it!!

Author — That Guy