How To Paint Matte Finish (part 2 of 2)

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

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As usual, fantastic work. You take pride in what you do.

Author — Trevor Ram


Awesome video Gabe the finish was spot on and thank you so much for the series I really enjoyed watching both videos Gabe much love ❤️ enjoy your evening buddy 👍👍💪💪💯💯👌👌🙏🙏🙏

Author — Kimo Joseph


Hey Gabe you never fail to amaze me Sir the way you lay your paint and your painting style looks so effortless almost like you are dancing with the spray gun it's pure awesomeness 👌👏
You did a great job on the car mate the clear looks really smooth but I have to say I don't like a matte clear, give me a nice glassy finish and I'm happy but it's a good job we don't all like the same thing🙏🙏👍John UK

Author — John Bushmaster


Looks nice Gabriel.Very even satin sheen.God bless brother.

Author — Travis Goltry


Gran video👌 !! Gran acabado🙌 ! Ha quedado escpectacular💥💥💥 . Una pregunta las 2 manos de barniz mate las cargas mas o menos como una primera de barniz con brillo!!!?? Gracias y un saludo !

Author — Drummer Robot !


👌🏽love that lil advice there buddy 🙂makes sense to me, thanks once again for one of your many videos 👍🏾 helps guys like us alot.

Author — Malcolm Thaggard


I spray my hood the exact same way you dod on the first coat of base lol! Just easier to watch your overlap sometimes

Author — Boosted Gsr


What do you do to correct any dirt or nibs in the paint, does it mean a repaint as you can't nib and polish

Author — Andybussa


If you guys used Axalta at your shop it would be a game changer. One vist for base & 1 visit for clear. Solvent level gloss retention years down the road.

Author — Second-Guess Always


i seen you dont use "neutralizer AC" on this video, something went wrong ? better tool in hands ? have some more update on this gun ? or your new tool ?

Author — DragonEyeOfficial


I hope you are not doing paint warranty because by noy removing the gas door pocket it will eventually peel. Otherwise great job like always.

Author — Victor N. Uribe


When it's cold weather do you go high pressure or low pressure

Author — chilo


If you turn your gun upside down and pull the trigger till your paint comes through you won't have to tap it out

Author — Santo Gervais


Gabriel zupp long time haven't seen a video from glad to be back

Author — mike aldano