10 BIGGEST DO'S and DON'TS of Twitch Streaming

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Having trouble growing on Twitch? Here are a couple minor tweaks that make a HUGE difference. Also, don't be so hard on yourself, most of these are mistakes that everyone makes.



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Which one did you find the most interesting?

Author — Alpha Gaming


“You are not a small streamer, you are a streamer that hasn’t found their audience yet” I love this❤️

Author — I’m Sonny


*looks in technoblade’s direction*
“There is a difference between reminding and begging.”
Techno: “It’s free real estate.”

Author — Ms. Fandom


Him: don’t stream every day
Me after streaming 2 times a day every day:
👁 👄 👁

Author — Animlux


Hey man, big fan of your work but one thing I wish to comment on.

I grew to 100 thousand subscribers on YouTube before beginning to multi-stream on both YouTube and Twitch. I can personally say once you have an established audience on one platform, multi-streaming is very good IF you continue to interact with both chats.

I stream on both YouTube and Twitch, but agree that you should not multi-stream right from the start. Only with an established audience to give them the choice between platforms.

Author — Conman167


I love your videos brother. I'm trying to grow my twitch channel but it seems impossible. I am always trying new things, but it seems without "help" is impossible.

Author — Realidade Americana


The way this guy talks he could probably sell me anything tbh

Author — One Trick daddy


Bro, just found your channel through your masterpiece video on how to choose the right camera for streaming and I'm absolutelly amazed by your content and your videos style. Congratulations for the awesome job, you got a new loyal viewer! Keep it upppp

Author — Sharshock


"Get a designer to design you a logo"
Me, a artist: "Don't worry, I can do that already but worse!"

Author — Jazzy Drawz


someone once told me "dang your kinda funny" in chat, still remember it to this day <3

Author — Cheekclapper


I Stream almost everyday for 2-5 hours, and I get a few followers a week. When the viewers from previous streams come in, it makes me so HAPPY

Author — Hunter Vermeesch


"youtube has a brilliant algorithm" yeah okay...

Author — UnWrittenTomb


Used your tips, and just got donated my first 200 dollars. Thank you so much my family has been just enough money to pay rent, food and the rest. It got to the point where my family had to sell my PC but I told them that if they give me time, I will earn enough money for us to have a nice life. Thanks!

Author — Assi Bro


Being a streamer sounds kind of stressing :c

Author — Roy1290


Lmao 3:27 “YouTube has a brilliant algorithm”

Author — Saotic


Back in November 2018 I started a Twitch channel so I could stream and build a following but after a couple of months of no growth I started to look for some advice. Around the same time I also created a YouTube channel in the hope to bring more followers. I used restream for this.

I spent more than 20 hours per week streaming and aside from making some amazing friends along the way I didn't grew my followers as I'd expected especially considering the amount of time I was putting in. I still had fun though.

How was I going to grow?

About a month ago I came across Harris' video titled, "Twitch partners giving new streamers terrible advice." and decided to put his advice into action. This is what I did.

Fortunately I had already picked a game that I have fun playing and the audience loves. That was the easy part.

I made sure that my mic and gaming audio quality was as good as it could be. I also improved my lighting and webcam setup. I still have a super cheap camera by the way and will upgrade that next. I stopped using StreamElements and moved over to OBS, cleaned up my overlays with StreamElements.

Next I set a target to grow my Twitch channel follower count to 50 so I could become a affiliate.

A couple of weeks later when I became a twitch affiliate it forced me to only stream to twitch and stop using restream.

Next was the challenging part, to create original content on YouTube and eventually bring that following to Twitch...

So I asked myself, "what problems / challenges are my audience (who play the same game that I stream) currently experiencing? I searched online forums, discord servers, youtube comments for all their FAQ and started to create original and useful content that directly answered their questions and hopefully solved the problems my audience were having.

Within 2 weeks of publishing my first how to article on YouTube my sub count grew from 1 to 100. 4 weeks and 7 videos later I'm sitting at around 600 subs, over 35, 000 views and over 100, 000 minutes of watch time.

My Twitch follower count is growing slowly. I haven't mentioned my Twitch channel to my YT viewers yet.

I'm glad I stopped Restream. Very good advice. Now I get to focus my attention to my friends on Twitch.

Advice on what to invest money on is pretty solid, invest on gear that will improve the quality of my content for my audience. Also build your community is a great one. My discord server is growing and I use it to support anyone with challenges or questions there. I also get to post my own videos and notifications there.

I'm still very early in my twitch and YT journey and I'm so grateful that I found Harris' video when I did. Do what he says. It's working for me!

And finally, thank you Harris.

Author — Peter Reginald


"youtube has a wonderful algorithm"

Every person that watches their recommended: well

Author — JackyHarper


8:11 "Your face as a profile picture will do 100× better." Perfect, I'm set then.
Edit: I am also most definitely filling out the whole thing.

Author — Real Peter Mitchell


I found the "Don't stream every day" one most interesting as I stopped making youtube videos due to wanting to stream every day. After what you said I realise I need to take more time out of Twitch to grow my brand. Thanks a lot!

Author — KieranDoes


i stream to twitch and youtube via restream because i want a permanent copy of the stream in my youtube channel and not only for a few weeks on twitch...

Author — DoctorRaccoon