Soul Made: Ruote Borrani Wire Wheels

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Carlo Borrani may not have invented the center-lock wheel, but the company that bears his name was instrumental in bringing the technology to the forefront of the automotive world in the post-war era.

After WWII, during the revival of sports cars and racing and for many years afterwards, a set of Borrani wire wheels was all but de facto footwear, and not just for Italian manufacturers and teams. Ferrari road and race cars of the period were spinning Borrani wires around the world, but so were many of their international rivals. Some of the first Ford GT40s were sold with Borranis for instance, and like the Nardi steering wheels in last week’s film, a set of wheels from Ruote Borrani was rightfully seen as a stamp of quality, of artful engineering carried out by passionate people.

The company is an old one, having survived the second world war and a few changes of ownership since its founding in 1922 by Carlo Borrani, but the methods used in the production facilities today are still rooted in the traditions that earned them a lasting reputation. Borrani wheels are still made by way of hands manipulating tools, not on a cold assembly line run by robots. It would be hard to argue that wire wheels are the cutting edge of the industry these days, but Borrani does more than just offer nostalgic style, they will also take in vintage Borrani wheels and sympathetically restore them, strengthening the bond between the company’s past and present one beautiful spoke at a time.

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This is not wheels, this is art, pure art.

Author — Guillaume Loulier


Hand crafted works of art
Italian pride and heritage their pursuit of style is timeless

Author — John Boyd


Hand crafted art...such a beautiful thing.

Author — 2Wheel4Fun


As a bicycle wheel builder, this was very fascinating to watch. I hope to be able to afford a classic car with wire wheels some day. Its so good to see that some things in this world are still very hand made. Thank you.

Author — christdragon


Thanks to back genuine content like the old videos

Author — Rizen Panji


My Jaguar XK120MC had Borrani wheels with Rudge hubs. I was always amazed at how stiff those wheels were and how beautiful they looked. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Author — Bruce Boschek


Old style craftsmanship at its best! Beautiful works of art!

Author — jettech1041


Many times I asked myself and I wonder why a car brand does not consider putting 4 Borrani on one of the now numerous special numbered series.
At least it would be very special indeed

Author — studio calderini


I had Borrani 15" wheels on my 1946 MG TC . It completely changed the handling and character of the car, much improved.

Author — Jeff Hildreth


Timeless and priceless...I hope this art form is passed down the generations to come and continue to share the art form with the rest of the world....👌

Author — Niv Lac


que maravilla, una fantástica artesanía, mil felicitaciones ¡¡

Author — osvaldo medina


First Nardi now Borrani?! you guys are knocking them out of the park! Thanks so much

Author — joeriffanucci


Love to see how the rims are made.
This video is mainly about assembly.

Author — Thomas Mulhall


Muy elegantes y bonitas las llantas de radio de Borrani. Ideales para montar en mi Seat 600

Author — seatsotoca


based on what i just saw and heard you could absolutely make these out of carbon fibre

Author — LeoVomend


Great video, I never knew Withworth invented the single 'spinner' nut

Author — Raising Junior


Another almost great film - if only I could have seen more of the process rather than the, albeit beautiful, art shots

Author — Mark Kearns


👍👏👏👏👏👏🛠🇦🇷🙏🥇😀 Excelente tu trabajo tu trabajo es arte!

Author — madrox alanis


Didn’t understand a word ...but understood the remaining 95% beautiful 👍

Author — One Eleven


I wonder how many gold bricks it would take to put a set of these on my 360.

Author — ceb