Jimmy Khan Band | Pyar Naal Na Sahi (Tich Button) | Official Music Video

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Live Audio performed by The Jimmy Khan Band:

Aziz Kazi - Drums
Joshua Keyth Benjamin - Harmonium
Joshua Amjad - Dholak
Shahab Hussain - Ukulele/Chung/Vocals
Shane Kerr - Bass
Rakae Jamil - Sitar
Zain Ahsan - Ukulele & Guitars
Jimmy Khan - Rhythm guitars & Vocals

Produced & Mixed by: Zain Ahsan
Mastered by: Umair Dar at A for Aleph
Recording Engineer: Saad Hayat

Director: Ahsan Ali
DOP: Ahsen Ali
Editor: Ahsan Ali and Ahsen Ali
Art Director: Fatema Gain
Wardrobe: Mamu
Styling: Rashid Salon
Set: Rangoonwala Auditorium
Audio Tech (Set): Mahnoor Ali

PR: Lotus PR
Publishing Partner: Silent Roar Productions

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💬 Comments

Stream Or Download "Pyar Naal Na Sahi" on your favourite Platforms

Author — Jimmy Khan Official


Do the Universe a favor, add Eng, Urdu and Hindi translation for those who dont understand beautiful Siraiki. This song is a beautiful reminder to all those who cannot figure out their anger and hate.

Author — Sonia


Love this. Can't wait to hear more. Absolutely amazing .

Author — Rizwan Khan


Poetry in the start of song is lit, these lines tell what is true Love not like the Love of these days .

Author — UMM - UL - KHAIR UMM - UL - KHAIR


What a singer with so mesmerizing vocals.... 👍👍👍

Author — Ahmad Ali


Bhai kya bna dia ha....sun k lagta ha jaise dard ma mera dil jhoom raha ha.loved it...

Author — Shahzada Salman


welldone jimmy khan band keep it up love

Author — zain hassan


Bhot ala do some more tracks of Attaullah Saab

Author — Fazil Qureshi


Great work no doubt about Atha saab but i like tht also this breaking touch factor feeling u want to create awesome again great work big thumbs up

Author — Laeeq A.Q


Ohhh jimmy u boys r stunning both facially and in top of ur game soooo good

Man that muccha is so huge it has its own pind n it’s glorious to watch oh sweet soft fluffy jimmy u do this kuri’s dil good

Another incredible video too -

No females, just lots of face cotton. Damn ur good sohna ji.

Author — Dr. Nirmal In New York ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ


Jimmy bhai dilri lutti ko b offline downloading karne dey..Please

Author — Muhammad Shehryar


Kia baat hay kis andaz may ap nay master piece ki maa ko L dia off bht allaw

Author — Dawood Siddiqui


Kya hu gaya sir aik ganay tak theek tha har song almost sounding similar this and nika mota almost the same. I loved old funk rock Jimmy Khan. But keep it up 👍🏻

Author — Fahad Zahoor


Bhai disappoint krdya phr bhi achi koshish

Author — GHOST TV


Bs guzara hi hai not like the original one

Author — M Saeed


Ur voice doesn't suit this genere.... ur voice has modern touch, love ur work in dobara phir sy.... uhmmm but this song is nt that impressive, nt hitting that perfection mark, its seems more like latest coke studio season😬
but seems like u are experimenting with ur voice, good fr u, enjoyy😁😁

Author — Mehreen Bano