Tom Raider 2 Adventure Action Movies 2020 Full Movie English

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Lara Croft : First Born

Daughter of lara Croft goes on the Adventure.

Author — Axel Kho


Very nice movie but cut and put together with missing parts. Why?

Author — bob wilk


Why does video skip a few seconds for every 5 to 6 minutes?!

Author — Dean Flet


This is not tombrader 2, just bits and pieces of 1

Author — Chinweme Alex


I feel like a fool watching this incomplete messed up movie. You don't know what you're doing dude. Shut this channel down and find something you're good at to earn your living. This sucks🤬

Author — Karima Idrissi


Film banyak potongan, tidak lengkap kok di posting

Author — Wong Cirebon


This film is incomplete why posting it

Author — dupe ige


Remake pala ito. Ma's maganda un original Angela j.

Author — amazing


Cut to pieces, not possible to follow story. Why bother posting this????

Author — Trevor John Henley


i hate this movie. its wasting my time

Author — Rean Bautista


The long-awaited Tomb Raider sequel, starring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft, is no longer going ahead

According to TheWrap, MGM had until May 2022 to approve a Tomb Raider sequel or risk losing the rights. The studio allowed the window to pass, and now a mix of other Hollywood studios are in a bidding war to obtain the rights.

It's also been reported that Vikander is no longer attached to the project and there are no casting or director commitments since it will be a completely new reboot.

Author — Ameya