EASY PIN UP HAIRSTYLES: 9 ways to tie a headscarf

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Easy pin up hairstyles are a necessity in my life. If you want to learn 9 ways to tie a headscarf to make sure that you look your very best then check out this video!

Trying a Friday upload to see if more people get to see my video – currently only about 1% of my subscribers seem to be watching – I know I’ve been away for a long time, changed my name and all that jazz but still, it doesn’t seem like a lot.
It’s certainly heading into hat season and a decent scarf is just about as good (if not better sometimes I would say) – The amount of hair horrors you can cover up with a good scarf is off the scale
You will see in this video that you don’t need any particularly snazzy scarf to do these do’s or a massive amount of skill – just the will!
Whether you’re going for a specifically 1940’s, 1950’s or 1960’s look these scarves have you covered, rockabilly, classic or pinup there’s a scarf style for everyone.

As always let me know if you try a style and send me pictures so I can share your talent with my subbies!

Hair isn't the most important thing in the world but, sometimes knowing you have a super cool 'do' can make you smile and that can only be a good thing right?

Welcome to Fitfully Vintage, here, in my own litttle corner of Youtube I will show you how to create beautiful hairstyles from all eras. Sure, my main focus is on simple vintage hairstyling but I also love easy modern styles.

I don't have a favourite era, it changes all the time. One day it'll be Edwardian hairstyles that I'm all over, the next, pinup girl hair, the next I'll be all about Greek Goddesses and their crazy Barnets! I just love it all!

I do hope that you enjoy my videos and that you can learn something from them, even just a tiny bit - and even if you learn nothing I hope that they make you smile.

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Tell me, which do you prefer - hat, beret or hairscarf?

Author — Fitfully Vintage


Would you be able to take measurements of the square just so we know how big your square is? I love the idea of just taking pretty fabric and turning it into a scarf, but worried about making it too big or small?

Author — Bec White


I'm so glad that you're back on YouTube...we have missed you! <3

Author — A Vintage Vanity


Lovely! Love wearing headscarves and head wraps
Makes a bad hair day into a good hair day. Plus I just love pretty fabric adorning my hair.

Author — EmpressNatiLocs


I always wondered how these styles were done. Thanks for showing how easy they are!

Author — Amy Mandeville


Lovely! Loved all the styles! Thank you!❤️

Author — forfang39


I love your videos they are informative and funny!!! All the styles looked gorgeous! ❤️❤️ and your hair omggg amazing! 🤩🤩

Author — Eternelspotlessmind


All so cute, but 6 and 7 are my favorite!

Author — B W


How on earth do you keep your scarfs from sliding off the back of
Your head 😂 Bobby pins put in backwards helps but still by the end of the day i can look pretty crazy

Author — Melly Ross


You are absolutely gorgeous! And I your accent! You sound so sweet! I love your channel and I plan to try some of these hairstyles <333 thank you!

Author — Daisy Dukes


Thanks for the video! Very interesting!

Author — Aude Forestier


Hairscarf. I love it when I do housework. Keep my hair clean.

They go good with a beehive hairdo do and hair rollers.

Author — Michelle Tackett


Natalie these are wonderful!! Thank you so much! I think I'll try to get some material to make my own head scarf in the October break and can then expand my repertoire of head scarf looks. Wonderful video!!

Author — Nicola Day


verrrry pretty! well, I need to buy some fabric now I guess :)

Author — carboncookie


I love that you can make fun of mistakes! Gained a subscriber

Author — Shannon


On another note: Are those bakelite bangles? Would love a vintage jewelry video! xx

Author — carboncookie


if Liv Tyler and Bernie Dexter had a baby

Author — Dakota of Terence


I don’t know if you’re gonna see this but I’ve been looking online for the past hour on how to pin down my hair to put in a headscarf do you have any tips?

Author — Kaianne Sayen


OMG, who has the time for this? Half of the time I don't even comb my hair.I don't know how women used to find time for all this back then.

Author — Marianna Diloyan


Fantastic video! Hairscafves are a girl's best friend...at the last minute. And everyone thinks you're so chic. Using the hair rat for the beehive was spectacular! I'll be sporting that look tomorrow night. Thank you so much!

Author — Veronica Sue Starlite