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How green energy will change our future - Docu 4.5
How will green energy change our future? What will our future look like with green energy? The growth of green energy goes together with change. Our future will not only include green energy, but our future will also be shaped by it.

What will the future sustainable world look like? That is the big question, now that the global transition towards sustainable energy is gaining momentum. For the growth of sustainable energy involves a lot more changes than just the color of the power supplied to our homes. How will we build, how will our mobility be impacted, and will energy, one day, be free? Just like the Internet turned out to have an unforeseen influence on all kinds of industries, from music to taxi businesses, the transition towards sustainable energy will also rise beyond the energy sector. And with a much wider impact than is now assumed. But we know surprisingly little about what that world will look like, and how the people in it will live, work and move around. Expectations are that, by the 2050s, two-thirds of the electricity generated globally will be sustainable.

The Netherlands is ambitious too. But what kind of world are we heading for, really, with all these sustainable measures? In partial areas, the future is clear: a massive stop to the use of gas, lots of windmills and solar panels, and perhaps a self-driving car outside. But, for now, there is no wider vision of what the sustainable new world will look like. What will the world be like once energy has become practically free? What will the impact of the transition towards sustainable energy be on the balance of power in the world?

A journey along places where the sustainable future is already (nearly) visible. In China, for example, old collapsed coal mines are given a new destination as solar parks. In Denmark, the power plants of the future also serve as skiing slopes. And in Malmö, Sweden, new leases are signed with green fingers.

Original title: Voorbij de groene horizon

With: Bjarke Ingels (architect, BIG Copenhagen), Peggy Liu (green pioneer JUCCCE Shanghai) and Varun Sivaram (author 'Taming the Sun' and expert clean energy technology Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC).
Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2018.
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Director: Martijn Kieft
Research:William de Bruijn
Camera: Jacko van´t Hof, Hans Bouma, Remco Bikkers
Sound: Cloud Wang, Mark Witte, Dennis Kersten
Fixer China: Liyan Ma
Edit: Michiel Hazebroek, Jeroen van den Berk
Online Editor: Sanne Stevens
Production: Jeroen Beumer
Commissioning Editors: Marije Meerman, Doke Romeijn

English, French and Spanish subtitles: Ericsson.
French and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union.

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This channel is incredible. Dear Netherlands, thank you for putting such excellent content into the world.

Author — The Daily Conversation


When the Asian girl said "I've graduated from MIT" and in the next sentence you hear "nukelar" as a ref to energy.. and you go (-‸ლ)

Author — Georgi Bonev


This is a no brainier, and decentralization is the key. That is the very thing loathed by the current titans of dirty energy.

Author — Anonymous Hippopotamus


fantastic doc! The architect lays down a really amazing insight. The amazing new thinking of today will be normal for the children of tomorrow. The world is moving forward, while in america, the fearful, the ignorant cling to the past systems. That will be their loss and the world will not look back.

Author — el scientifico


" Energy independence is economic security, food security and even national security. " Well said! The children of the future will not know war. They will know peace instead and hopefully they will also thank us for our efforts to create that future. Haha! The ski slope on the old energy plant is brilliant! 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️💖🌧🌧🌧🌍🌎🌏🌧🌧🌧💖🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️

Author — Tracy Phillips


29:00 bikes for rent for almost nothing !

Author — Xyz Same


The fossil fuel executives and their buddies must have a plan for leaving the planet once they've trashed it completely.
I don't know where they'll go, but personally, I think that they should go to hell.

Author — Cleo XO


To listen to these green energy experts fawn over China you'd think it was like the freest cleanest most virtuous country on the planet rather than the largest totaliterian polluter that it really is..

Author — Garden City


We need more engineers and fewer "activists"."

Author — I Sejanus


AI will greatly help electric energy production and distribution...

Author — Kb123 B123


Here is the solution: This open sourced, gravity driven, free energy generator:
Power Multiplier Device, last resize (I hope)
There is a modification that allows for greater energy generation.
Russell Lee

Author — zola mo


Very adroitly put that first 17 seconds, ^oo^

Author — bernardthedisappointedowl


Wonderful documentary! Thanks you again... You guys are amazing!

Author — Karim Naufal


Thankyou for a fascinating documentry, what amazed me was that I had not subscribed to the channel before something thankfully can rectify. Thanks again for the all the curators whose work this represents!!

Author — Wu Me


Wonderful and imagination filled approach - with harm to none!

Author — WonderMagician


Open-sourced, gravity-driven, free energy generator:
Power Multiplier Device, last resize (I hope)

Author — zola mo


yey We have a chance of surviving I just need to convince mom :)

Author — Just another fan


Great video. Thanks for the upload. Unfortunately, reading the comments makes me lose hope in humanity again. How are we going to deal with so much stupidity.

Author — nova00boss


We need to start competing with China fairy in all the fields specially in energy field.

Author — Bill Parr


Whooo....Green Energy! I imagine a future where every man, woman and child on Earth has their very own Power Ring and Lantern, energized by the Pure Holy, Mystic Power of our Collective Will!
"In Brightest Day!
In Darkest Night!
No Evil Shall Escape Our Sight!"

Author — chodeshadar18