[60fps Rin Len Full] Electric Angel えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅ - Kagamine Rin Len 鏡音リンレン DIVA English romaji PDA

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[60fps Rin Len Full] Electric Angel えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅ - Kagamine Rin Len 鏡音リンレン DIVA English romaji PDA 5
Rin/Len Cool&Cute!!(`・ω・´)/
Words & Music : ヤスオP (Yasuo-P)
Arrangement : ギガ (Giga-P)
Modulated Voice : おればなな (Orebanana-P)

( PDA FT 鏡音リン 鏡音レン リンレン RinLen Rin/Len Project DIVA Arcade future tone VOCALOID ボーカロイド ボカロ English lyrics Romaji subtitles アーケード PV鑑賞モード ProjectDIVAArcade外部出力 Dance googoo888 PDA FT 鏡音 リン

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Author — SonicStalker123


Everyone be talkin bout Len.

Meanwhile I'm gay for Rin

Author — Susie


*Len* Hey Rin?
*Rin* Yeah?
*Len* Wanna piss of Miku?
*Rin* Okeh

*Makes better version of Electric Angel*

*Miku* NANI
*Len* It worked
*Rin* XD

Author — Yuki San Uwu


I showed this to my family. So, here is results.

Grandmother: Wow, they're nice.
Sister: I like them, but I don't understand them.
Father: What on Earth is this?
Mother: *Get your chinese blondies off me NOW*

I'm not regretting it.

Author — JayCy Kagamine


Who did it better?
Like: Rin and Len Comment: Miku

Author — Kk Meowy


Kagamine twins be like "How about we cover miku's song, sing it better than her and make everyone think it was our song in the first place? Wouldn't it be fun?"

Author — Master of the Meme-ish Yard


Electric Angel for Just Dance 2020! Who's with me? 💛

Author — Colton Turbville


I feel like I've gotten too deep into the vocaloid world that I wish they were real peoples and not computer generated. But again, I don't want them to die ;-; I just feel like they'd be one happy family don't touch me

Author — aurellies


The thumbnail changed which means their not dead

Author — some random commenter you found


Like si también lo estas viendo en 2019 :3

Author — ꧁ Kukiko Nieve ꧂




Author — すしパンケーキ


"I know nothing but 0 and 1"

1 like=rin gets a better education

Author — Laine Wilson


like si eres otaku
like if you are otaku

Author — La Loca De Los Shinos


miku: V2 and V3 module
luka: V2 and V4 module
kaito: V1 and V3 module
meiko: V1 and V3 module

rin & len: V2 :(

Author — Eduardo


XD i swear vocaloid, is the BEST !!!! I can't stop listening to these songs even though I don't speak japanese this teaches me how to SING it !!! :D it's that amazing and I also like how all the character's seem so cute especially these two!!!! OMG IM GONNA DIE LISTENING TO THIS!!! who ever agree's raise your hand and like please!!! and thank you!!! (raises hand)

Author — Melody Kitsune


This one is better just because Rin and Len have robotic and electric voice

Author — Yuuki_ Gachatube


this song makes me appreciate my computer, all the games i have on it, and just electronics to the point of getting warm fuzzyies.

Author — deathbunny


2018 or 2019 anyone


Just me?


Author — Wotta crocodile


"I can't do anything by myself"
1 like = 1 ability

Author — BLaZze



Len ( the boy IDK ) : I hate being alone

Me : I’m used to being alone it’s kinda nice and 👍

Author — lalaloopsy for fun