Easy & Effective Beard Tidying Tutorial!

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This tutorial is aimed at people with shorter beards/stubble.
In this video, I cover how to tidy your beard step by step using methods you may or may not already know. Please only apply these methods where necessary to your own facial hair, for those with a longer beard this tutorial is not relevant.
Thanks for watching!
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We have a lot of the same thought and I've learned this over time just naturally... So strange. I came here to learn new tips... I am guilt of trimming along the jawline but underneath a little more so it's not noticeable unless someone is below me. Also I have a great tip! I have very oily and sensitive skin so the hair always sticks and gets ingrown. That is until I used a decent lint roller to remove all the hairs and dead skin. It's basically tape and you use a couple sheets. But that makes it so there's nothing on your face or stuck in poored when you wash. Keep up the great work man! I tried to show my girlfriend the video to say "see I'm not the only one" but she was busy lol. Pce man!

Author — Jeremiah Perry


I like this video. What are your thoughts on trimming under nose to give the mustache more shape (as opposed to letting it grow up into nostrils)? Thanks!

Author — Warner Asch


Thanks! I'm just beginning to grow myself a proper beard.. (18) so It's nice to learn the basics of maintaining a nice beard!

Author — Michael Frederico


we have the exact same facial hair type. The density, the growth pattern. I found the perfect video!

Author — Abhi Pokhrel


Now that I know how to groom my beard, I can shift my focus to growing one

Author — Zackery & Shauna


Nice one, thanks for the tips. I've got good heavy stubble with even coverage naturally, I liek how yours is darker near the bottom and lighter under the cheeks. Trimming mine to create this look as I think it looks sharp and emphasises the jaw line.

Author — The Scottish Mentor


Well I watched your video...it was great. Us men think we are always trimming and shaving the best.i took all your advice and I must admit it was so much better than I normally do. Cheers buddy

Author — Steve Ellis


I love the way you appreciate and not looking down on the "just uniform touch" trim

Author — idrp


Brilliant video. I think I have that same trimmer. The middle of my tash is so much thicker and darker and I get a bit of a Hitler look 🤣 So I have to trim that part down from like a 13 to a 8 otherwise it's so bad. Any other tips on that?

Author — SayCh


Great vid mate. It's always exciting when I see you post another vid cuz theres just such good, clean, open feeling vibes

Author — Eric Black


Great tips. I use the Norelco MG7790 and have had good performance. I'll look at the Phillips when I'm ready for a new one. Looks like McThursti gives it a thumbs up too so it must be proper.

Author — Zenkakuji


Been needing a new beard trimmer for a while. Copping this one now! Thanks boss!

Author — Daniel Simmons


Tips : If you somehow get a hair or a dust in your eye, guys, don't try to get it out with your finger because you are going to push it into your eye and it will be more difficult to get rid of it, simply at first try to blink your eye a couple of times and if that doesnt work rince it with some physiological serum or some water and blink.

If all that doesnt work, get a Q-tip, put some physiological serum on it and gently try to grab it with the Q-tip.

Author — Versa


My facial hair is still quite short but if it ever grows out more This will be useful xD Thanks for the tutorial either way :3

Author — Fritz Hering


The kind of tips I was looking for. Thanks!

Author — Mike Zita


Thank you! This video was really helpful!

Author — OFG Instrumentals


Just ordered mine, thanks for making the video! :-)

Author — David Edward Hall


Good unique content. That’s what I searching for.

Author — mHyw Dotcom


Real great video, greatly appreciated

Author — Carl Grein


i cant believe i actually watched a man shave his beard for 10mins. But to be honest what a great video i learnt so much

Author — Mark Gee