THE LAST V12! 2020 Mercedes AMG S65 Final Edition + Amazing SOUND!

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Attention to details in the last S65 V12 AMG.
Today we got the all-new 2020 S65 Final Edition with the additional bronze exterior details! 😍
This review features an in-depth walk around showing you the interior and exterior of the all-new & last S65 V12 Final Edition with one of the craziest soundchecks AMG could offer!

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Information about the S65 Final Edition for PetrolHeads:
Its equipped with a 630 HP 12 cylinder Biturbo engine which produces 1000 Nm of torque. 0 - 100 km/h (62 mph) can be reached in 4.3s. The top speed is electronically limited to 300 km/h (186mph)

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Here we go with one special AMG! The last V12 S65 Final Edition! 😍
What do you think about this Edition & what is your opinion regarding the iconic V12 sound?
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Author — Mr. Benz


The price of this car in a few years is going to be insane.

Author — Michele MM


I wish they changed all the chrome on the car to bronze like the rims

Author — YKTV #QGTM


That S65 AMG is all that a man ever needs, COMFORT, SPEED, what else is there in life.... MERCEDES BENZ S CLASS IS



We will miss you V12. You will live forever in our hearts and dreams ❤

Author — PB&J Racing • 13 years ago


Im from Botswana and the w222 s 65 stole my heart. An iconic angel laid to rest

Author — Tapiwa Miles mazula


This one and the G65 Final Edition, I need both 😍

Author — MS GA


The S65 sounds so freaking amazing from the inside. Those Bangs and the v12 Sound is like a big boom everytime

Author — Kara Batuhan


What a Beast... I'll get one, once my lottery numbers come up

Author — Phil Ng


mercedes made a statement earlier this year that they decided to continue production of the v12... so its not the last v12

Author — zanrath12345


Du hast echt eine tolle Kamera und machst richtig gute Aufnahmen👌🏻 Top💯

Author — Levent Islami


Love your channel been subscribed bro thanx for all your great reviews of my favorite German car Mercedes Benz ☝🏾👊🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Author — Theodore Young


In the whole mercedes benz story this will be the main car of them: it is the last car with v12 and about 6 litre and there are only few s65 on the world (sls amg too)😁 very nice car

Author — C Y


I can't wait to buy a W222 S65 - doesn't have to be final edition but just any beautiful black or diamond white S65 would be so nice!

Author — Matty231


Mercedes create that tint feature to the passenger windows or to the whole car preferably. I know it’s not a new feature but it is a highly underrated feature . Especially if you live in a 😎 state . Really missed opportunity 🤷‍♂️.

Author — mephisto1025


انا مواطن سعودي على ديون في بنك الراجحي الي يعرف احد يساعدني في تسديد الدين اقصد فيه ناس تحب تساعد الناس في رمضان لو مبلغ بسيط يتواصل معي لوجه الله

Author — Sdfadfd Effd


Great video Arnold! From Governor to Test driving Mercedes on YouTube.

Author — Abe B.


Im looking for one of these; do you still have this car?

Author — Benny Bodash


I will have this car in my dream tonight.

Author — mcdus78


Absolutely amazing car sad to see it go

Author — Superfastjellyfish