The Embarrassing President Feels Embarrassed

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The Embarrassing President Feels Embarrassed 5

Donald Trump claims he didn't know that Michael Cohen, the fixer who got helped him get away with illegal activities, was committing illegal activities.

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If Trump's lies were bricks, that wall would've been built and completed by now.

Author — B Mullin


Trump: "I didn't pay. My lawyer did. Therefore I am innocent."

Author — william louie


Embarrassing for the USA people who voted for Trump...they knew that Trump was always a chump.

Author — Jim Pankey


Different law for the rich and different for the poor. There is so much evidence against Trump 👱 yet he's still the President. How is that possible?! 🤔

Author — Maggie A


Trump should have just stayed rich and laid low, but he wanted to be President. Now his business will be on blast for the world to see.

Author — Phyllisha Hart


And yet, for the rest of us.. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Author — Zoe Emiko


"Hey, I'm not embarassed"...
We know. You're not smart enough to be.

Author — Formalbug571


It's hilarious how Trump literally can not even stop himself from lying

Author — Day Late Gamer with Will


“ including a lot of women”... and Evangelicals back this man.

Author — Angelofmusic Wonder


If Trump had a nickel for every law he's broken, he'd be as rich as he pretends to be.

Author — Old Man Duff


What's the difference between Trump and a flying pig?

The letter 'F'

Author — the king of cool


Michael Cohen: "I admired his business acumen."
Me: "6 bankruptcies is 'business acumen'?"

Author — Quadir Mayo


Politician's always have to balance integrity with pragmatism, that's something most people can accept; but Trump has diminished the office of President for years to come. Hopefully his successor will have a shred of decency. Or at least a vocabulary.

Author — Sunlight70


🎵Oh Donny Boy the Feds, the Feds are coming!🎵 😂

Author — It Was A Good Idea At The Time


Paul Manafort: Guilty
Michael Cohen: Guilty
Michael Flynn: Guilty
George Papadopoulos: Guilty
Alex van der Zwaan: Guilty
Rick Gates: Guilty
Richard Pinedo: Guilty

I'm no lawyer, but I guess the guy who all these criminals did crimes for is probably innocent.

Author — Err gag


he lied, lied about being fantasticly wealthy, lied to contractors banks ( u.s. and forgien ) lied to Congress lied to us, we the people, my guess is he told the truth to Rasputin, he's got a bevy of bafoons, he is not a leader I respect, we need a vote of non-confidence , action, over here . asap

Author — Mike Stevens


"A lot of people love me and a lot are women" man he makes my skin crawl and this is the POTUS. Im a brit and I respect the office of the president and so it honestly makes me angry how he is making a mokery of the presidency & of such a wonderful country,

Author — macpdm


The eagle behind bars going "caw" hoplessly made me both sad and also amused.

Author — Synathidy


"I only hire the best people" - "Well, usually they are sorta okay".

Author — LarsCT


That's a crack up, "if the date ends with you cutting a cheque, that's not love"

Author — ncdx