Most Restoration Videos Are Fake

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The worst restoration I’ve ever seen was someone “restoring” some 100+ year old revolver, but the rust fell off with just water and the screws came out as smooth as butter. Totally not fake lmao

Author — Raw Ramen Boyo


I was afraid Backyards Balistic was one of the fake ones (as he's the only one I watch) and the moment you said that he was the one outing all the fakes, I am not gonna lie I wasn't extremlry happy but just somewhat.

Author — Just a Random Guy


crazy how the last 3 pyro videos have been exactly 8 minutes long I'm sure this has nothing to do with midrolls whatsoever keep up the good work !!! !! ! 1 !

Author — Naz


I like how pyro occasionally says "he's right" or "it's true" to whatever the guy says as if pyro is an expert in the matter

Author — c. k.


Pyro could easily *restore* his channel if he makes petscop 2

Author — Heisenberg


I was ALWAYS skeptical about, how in the HELL they find these ultra battle worn out rusty things so casually...
Now I know

Author — Dr Amir


The only genuine restoration channel I know of is “odd tinkering” simply because he doesn’t do jump cuts or shows extremely damaged things. He buys old things in lots on eBay (electronics or consoles) and fixes up the ones on camera that he wants. He recently did a knife video, and this knife genuinely was on deaths door, and he didn’t make it look brand new, he kept the pitting as part of its look. Definitely worth checking out.

Author — Kruton


I'm so glad BB is getting "mainstream" attention. His content is absolutely top notch and the blending between mainstream youtube and guntube is just wonderful

Author — Alekzandah


I discovered this kind of content when I was looking for videos about retro gaming. Found a somehow "rusty" Nintendo DS Gameboy (thats what the title said). I have opened a DS Lite myself many times, and looking at the video like: "ok he broke it... yeah that's on the wrong place..." then the literal Chad decides to clean the Motherboard with a toothbrush and water. Good laughs but dangerous if someone decides to follow.

Author — Segidore


Restoration is a perfectly valid school of magic and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Author — shadowyoda9000


We need more people like Backyard Ballistics, he genuinely cares about the content he and others make.

Author — The Cooldog


The ones that always irked me the most are the "restoration" videos of video game consoles.

Like somehow dunking a Gameboy in water would fix it

Author — Compatriot


I remember a few years back a channel would “restore” old model toy cars and literally the first thing he does is go to his backyard and “find” them. Funniest shit ever.

Author — Dorfuto


I love how "primitive technology" started a trend of showing us what it's like to do things by yourself and other youtubers yoinked that idea and made it fake. When I see those copy-cat videos I can literally see that it's not possible to do those kinds of things by hand.

Author — Stagnant Fox


Mark my words. In 2050 people will start making house restoration videos after someone buys Binley Mega Chippy, thrashes it on purpose and then "restores" it, probably getting 400 million views.

Author — Bloodmoon Angel


I'm super happy to see the shoutout for Backyard Ballistics. Majorly underrated channel.

Author — MedikPac


Backyard Ballistics, Odd Tinkering, and Rescue & Restore are three of the best channels I can think of in terms of actual restoration.

Author — Pluvillion


You can tell by their setup if it's genuine. Those with sandblasting and cerakoting stations obviously do this sort of thing professionally.

Author — Alex_Hayashi


“Money bad, if it’s not in my pocket.” As he’s wearing a $500 T-Shirt

Author — Geese


I thought it was extremely obvious which ones were fake, even my friends that watched them knew it was fake, it was just satisfying to see this shot thrown on them taken of

Author — Idkman