Shahrukh Khan's House Mannat - Celebrity Hotspots In Mumbai

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Shahrukh Khan's House Mannat - Celebrity Hotspots In Mumbai 4

Gear up for the fun journey like never before!
In this webisode of Travel Talkies, Farishtey Faroodi will take you on a journey through the famous celebrity hotspots in Mumbai
The first being Mannat, the most iconic Landmarks of Mumbai owned by the King Khan - Shahrukh Khan
Situated in the heart of the city, the mansion has one of the best views of mumbai, being located at bandstand in bandra.
Mannat being SRK’s residence, several hundred people come from far and overseas, hoping to get a glimpse of the Actor… Or else just a photo with the nameplate outside the huge gate.

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That introduction girl acts like she just newly learnt how to speak

Author — Dalia Begum


Am I the only one who is seeing the immense hard work of Shah Rukh ji behind this mannet house

Author — laur kraft


It's all his hard work..he has worked alot..we cannot say hard..anything is possible

Author — Yoshitha


mehnat karo all is possible ....without forgeting duas from ur mother ...and pray on time....then everything is possible

Author — James Gong


This house might be very expensive
Honestly it not nice from outside at all

SRK should have nice beautiful house 🏡

Author — peach pink


Shahrukh Khan you and me have the same birth date, 1965 it makes me happy! Also I watch all you're movies. And you are my favourite hero.

Author — Indira Bhatt


ALHAMDULILLAH.... WOWWWW... "God" gave him a lot of Everything... I can think about a single "God ".Don't forget" God "plz. ..

Author — Nahida Yesmin


Then 12 crores.... NOW 2000 crores... VALUES... !!🙏😎😁

Author — MO SAF


The host was trying so hard, she also got an MBBS degree after filming.

Author — Shailesh Rana


Chosen few get that respect and wealth in this world. Just make me wonder when a little kid goes without milk in India and there are millions of them, that where is the Justice.

Author — ams 15292


King of Bollywood and King of all hearts...

Author — Celebrity Reality


Tourist attraction where is that house😂😂

Author — Mahfuz Al-Habib


i love srk - he is the best bollywood actor - i see all his movies pease from ukraine)

Author — Миша


He’s good no doubt but many people put a lot of effort and hard work but never get to the top. Destiny plays an important role to being successful. Sometimes its in having a godfather which helps a lot. Lucky guy. 👍

Author — Errol Dcosta


WaitIDK it a second hand house?

Author — Prakhar Sinha


Duniya men aaj karoron Allah ke banaye huye insan bhukhe so jaate hain aur sirf wahi naheen unke bhook se bilakte masoom bachche bhi. Aur koyi 200 Karor ke ghar men rayisaana zindagi basar karta hai. Keya iska hisaab Allah Paak naheen lega. Beashak lega.
Baat to talkh hai par hai haqeeqat se bhari huyi.

Author — Amir Ansari


Oh my God, he is a real life king, giving Darshan to the public and the public is crazy, damn!

Author — Dave Nix


Hrd wrk lead to success !! So I'm doing !!😏🤙

Author — Smash gamer


Cita cita ku paling tinggi bertemu dengan rosulullah sallallahu'alaihi wasallam bukan SRK.

Author — Hendrik Noviyanto


Where is interior as per its mentioned ???

Author — Abdul Qadir