Muay Boran tutorial - Thai Art of Seizing

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International Muay Boran Academy videos presents: Imba Muay Pram Technique - Kod Rad Fad Wiang

The Art of Siamese Grappling, is regarded by many experts as one of the secrets of the technical background of Thai Martial Arts. Therefore, most of the traditional grappling strategies and maneuvers are kept hidden by knowledgeable Masters, today as in the past.

A small part of the techniques of ancient Siamese Grappling Muay Pram) are implemented in these times by skillful thai boxers whenever they fight in the ring. The best thai boxers are exceptional strikers as well as formidable stand up grapplers. Smartly combining a vast arsenal of holds with upper and lower limbs strikes and with powerful throws, this simplified version of ancient Siamese Grappling proved to be one of the strongest tools in the hands of skillful ring fighters.

Kod Rad Fad Wiang means Hold Bind Incline Hurl: learning these fundamental aspects of grappling is a pre-requisite to start discovering the advanced strategies of the art of Muay Pram (martial applications). Modern Muay Thai’s grappling strategies and techniques are borrowed from Kod Rad Fad Wiang: the ability to apply holds, unbalances, throws and strikes (mostly knee kicks) at close range, are the skills that every Nak Muay must possess to fight on the ring, nowadays.

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This is, as usual, another great work of GM Marco de Cesaris, preserving and giving the art of Muay to the world.

Author — IMBA Colombia


Congratulations on this great video. Very convenient for practicing while watching. A very good tool for learning or remembering lessons. I perceive a desire to constantly optimize, both the content and the edits. It is now up to us to study as seriously as possible.

Author — Emmanuel Delor


Excelente video, este tipo de videos con calidad técnica y una apreciación experta del muay es lo que se necesita en la red. Muchas gracias Maestro Marco de Cesaris

Author — juan carlos duran gomez


Excelente video y explicación Maestro Marco, más arsenal para trabajar en las academias de la IMBA EN EL MUNDO.
Un enorme abrazo desde México.
Ramón Lara 🙏

Author — MuayEliteMexico


Love the analytical and educational approach in the videos!

Author — Dani Warnicki


Best category too gain knowledge. I essentially find the joint destructions very interesting. Including the parry and takedowns. Very useful to touch on, especially when it comes combatic range(closing in and out) and versatility.

Author — Brett Jackson


Great video packed with extremely useful information!

Author — Lilla Distefano


Muy buen video, gran trabajo del maestro Marco e IMBA

Author — gaston Garcia


Impeccable clarity ~ outstanding technniques!👍

Author — Roberto Leo


Video stupendo. Viene espressa in maniera impeccabile l’efficacia della muay in tutte le sue forme. Il maestro Marco De Cesaris ha la grandissima capacità di rendere fruibili e semplici, tecniche molto complesse. Un privilegio per noi, attingere dalla sua sapienza. 🙏🏼

Author — Michele zizzari


Muchas gracias por tus videos maestro👐

Author — Yarstan Official


Anche questa volta il Gran Master De Cesaris si è rilevato un profondo conoscitore di questa tradizionale Arte Thailandese con questo video capolavoro. Un vero Maestro che mette a disposizione di tutti la sua conoscenza.
Grazie Bramajarn Marco De Cesaris 🙏🙏

Author — Marco Dari


Awesome Video! Great details as usual!

Author — Andrea Serra


Great video. Congrats and thanks for sharing 💪

Author — Serena Tamilia


Hi ! I´m from Brazil.I´m new here. I just love Muaythai. Great job. You got a new subscribed.

Author — julio cesar


Really Good, this class of videos make the difference about knowledge.

Author — Frank Hanuman Ramos


Video bellissimo e molto dettagliato complimenti 🙏

Author — Tony Sansaro


Grandissimi! Siete sempre i numeri uno!

Author — Andrea Didone


Che dire, un video veramente fantastico
fatto dal GM Marco De Cesaris🙏

Author — Felice Nozzi


Again, another great Video, thank you!!

Author — Marco Brunner