Asian Jim - The Office

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Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) prank Dwight (Rainn Wilson) by having their actor friend pretend to be Jim. ("Andy's Ancestry," Season 9, Episode 3)

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Asian Jim - The Office

The Office

💬 Comments

Would've been funny if Creed walked by and said "Hey Jim."

Then it cuts to Pam and she says "we never told him what we were doing."

Author — Derek Connors


To be fair, I think the family photo would have given me at least a solid minute of existential crisis too, that’s some dedication to the prank! 🤣

Author — TeeJayDee


Dwight's reaction to the kiss kills me.

Author — AFGuidesHD


The fact that Jim nailed the “Jim camera look” too

Author — ToasterWeevil


The fact that this was just for a skit and not an entire episode is the biggest crime in television history.

Author — Jay Singh


They even got Asian kids in the photo😭 what a masterpiece this skit is

Author — Ethan Doan


Asian Jim is the only person that made Dwight question his sanity

Author — GuyFromChina


Imagine being a guest actor for a 5 min role and getting a kiss from Pam.

Author — The illusionist


I love how they even took a new family photo just to screw with Dwight

Author — Neve Harrop


Jim’s dedication to excellence in every prank is beyond inspiring.

Author — Steeldriver


God, I love this so much.

I love that Jim had the foresight to be like “He’s gonna ask you about the sale I made yesterday.” as like, the only security question Dwight would ask.

Author — Mara


Jim never disappoints with the lengths he’ll go to just to gaslight someone.

Author — Dismal Drake


This would have been the perfect way to replace Jim’s actor if they ever had to

Author — No name


Randal forgot he did this role. Fans would call him "Asian Jim" and he did not know what they were talking about. He thought it was some kind of slur.

Author — Celestial Salamander


Say what you will about Season 9, but you can't argue this is one of the best Cold Opens in The Office

Author — Slospop112


What is so underrated is how he even does that look at the camera exactly like Jim does. that’s serious attention to detail and I love it

Author — Big44


The fact that Jim knows Dwight so well is amazing. He prepared his friends for all the possible questions that Dwight could ask him lol

Author — Varun Menon


He even did the iconic sarcastic “look at camera” thing, really a spot on impression

Author — Dry


The only thing I hate about this prank is that it didn’t last a full episode 😐

Author — carson11100


Dwight is such a good actor. This scene makes me laugh every time.

Author — Charlotte Dashwood