Tik Tok Try Not To Laugh Challenge

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Tik Tok Try Not To Laugh Challenge 5

Tik Tok, the new age vine! Home of the internet's funniest videos. Let's see if they can make old Jacksepticeye laugh, chuckle or even giggle just a little. In this hardest of try not to laugh challenges of tik tok memes. Get your laugh buckets ready!

Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

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Jack: “I would never hit you”

Literally all of his old intros was slapping the camera

Author — Alessandro Lascaro


I didn’t laugh at any of the TikTok’s but Jesus Christ Jack talking about the airplane toilets made me laugh so hard I almost puked

Author — Katie


“The opposite of anger is laughter... that’s why my dad never found anything funny”

Sean you got something you want to talk about

Author — Fabmatthew


4:25 that reminds me of the “who mad, I’m not mad”
“I’m not mad”

Author — Mellyn


Jack trying not to enjoy TikTok for 14 minutes straight

Author — Sierra S


The whole video:
Jack: **laughs**
Jack: *”That wasn’t a laugh!”*

Author — mac


Me at the beggining: im literally not gonna laugh, tik tok will never replace vine
Video: girl smashes into table
Me: *SnOrtS*

Author — Shōga- Chan


"I just found out... That my sister is pregnant!!"
Crowd: *cheers and claps*

"I'm gonna be a dad!!"
Oh boy..

Author — EmeraliaSama


Jack: Why is *incest* funny to me?
Everybody: Laughs
No One:
YouTube: _hears the word incest_ *_DEMONETIZED! aDvErTiSeRs WoN't LiKe ThAt!_*

Author — Christian Bradley


Jack: "Its a child that no one wanted but you have to deal with anyway"

Me: Do you know me?

Author — Goofy Gamerz


"It's a child that nobody wants but every one has to deal with anyway"

Me: "Jack, do you know me personally"

Author — Henry H-S


"Anger is the opposite of laughter that's why my dad never found anything funny" BRO MINE TOO

Author — the_edgy_panckake


“TikTok will go forever!”

Little does he know...😂

Author — Caleb Lacy


The Tik Toks didn’t really make me laugh it was actually Jacks reaction to them that made me laugh. 🤣

Author — Ashley 5678


Jack: I'm not gonna laugh!
Tik Tok Guy: Screams
Jack: Uncontrollable laughter

Author — Lorelei Els


Jack: “It will be a cold day in hell before I laugh”

Also Jack: *laughs*

Satan: 🥶

Author — Infinite Animator


Seán 8 months ago: “It’s here to stay!”
July 2020: *What makes you think it’ll stay?*

Author — AlaskanWildChild


The lights behind Jack is just like the colors of the flag of Bisexuality.

Author — Deuteronomia


Jacky: TikTok is here to stay

The US: Hold my beer

Author — Barack Obama


3:13 Jack: Its mildly amusing, it’ll make me do a little ( proceeds to sniff cocaine).

Author — Adam Jack