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National Geographic Wild Worlds Weirdest Freaks Of Nature CONVERT HDTV XviD AFG 4.5

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I'm gonna have to book a flight to Hamburg, Germany, so I can chill with those exploding toads...

...wait for it...

...they seem like a real BLAST to hang out with! 😂😂😂

Author — James TheDoctor Duncan


How sad is it. Poor koalas...Australias fires causing a devastating decline in the population. Heartbreaking

Author — JusTinaLane


"Little does she know, her nurturing mouth... Will soon become a killing ground." - Says guy narrating doc describing cichlids, and also ironically what every other male species on this planet says about their cheating (ex)wife lol

Author — Beat Grinder


This might be the most interesting documentary I've ever seen.

Author — Constantine Toumpa


8:31 I work My brains out for a living - every day for this job.!

Author — Gottlieb Goltz


watching this while eating. 😂

damn those bird is a serial bomber. haha

Author — The Adobo Prod


I can see the joey saying to his mom “ill, this taste like shit” and the mom telling her son” stop, complaining and eat your food”

Author — Thisbandsux


first of all l wanna thank God for not making me a camel

Author — Will Chisesu


6:39 this scene will give me nightmares for life

Author — Paul R. Screvane


And all of this without HD....god I got spoiled by technology

Author — Nila Megna


I give respected credit to that rock climber guy who got spit in the eye by those vomiting fluff ball birds. That literally takes some guts to get that caught on film. Awesome job man.

Author — dmarkg1


I would not say weird, just a little beyond the realm of our everyday perception. In Australia a joey in a pouch and a koala eating eucalyptus leaves are part of our natural heritage and a common sight to a lot of people.

Author — holboroman


From there to here from here to there, funny things are everywhere

Author — My Channel


17:32 not a perfect landing 🙄 i scored it 5.

Author — Marc Ace Novels


"These are natures
Cuts to 2 birds getting it on lol

Author — Kevin Johnson


That rock climber took it in the eye, I wonder how much he got paid

Author — PodCast Connections


Fish pair is amazing. Great documentary!

Author — K G


The toads look like as if they have died in a "Anphibious" landing 😂😂 (sry 4 my Eng.)

Author — Mr Schlemmy


Do I hear Pink Floyd's "One Slip" in the inter-clip music?

Author — Abu Ansar Al-Britani


Get it right woodpecker does not literally use his head he uses his beak

Author — tasha clark