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The Two Sides of Canada | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix 5

Canada is regarded as a model progressive society, but is the country’s current leadership living up to these ideals? Hasan examines the policies of current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and sits down with him for a one-on-one interview in advance of Canada’s October election.

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That's definitely the last time Trudeau will let Hasan interview him.

Author — Aamna Here


still so salty about netflix canceling patriot act

Author — Blushskies


bruh this dude puts more heat on the president than actual journalists

Author — Kenneth Wong


I edited this comments so no one will know how I so controversially got so many likes.

Author — Abdullah Mustafa


Why is a comedian a better political interviewer than national news pundits?

Author — Zach Good


Comedians are becoming the new reliable journalists. I’m ok with that but it’s also sad.

Author — Jarod 1999


hasan's absolute confidence and bravery when confronting government officials is genuinely inspiring

Author — owen w.


Omg Justin Trudeau looks so nervous. Didn't realize how smart this comedian is. Oh boy lol.

Author — movi3srock


Considering how much oil there is in Canada, I'm surprised America hasn't invaded them yet.

Author — Rahul Gill


For real tho, the fact that JT allowed for these questions to be asked says a lot about the person. Most PMs wouldn't let a word out of Hasan's mouth.
Mad respect for both.

Author — King Turzo


Netflix dropped this show faster than Trudeau's rating at the polls

Author — Om Pandey


"there is no country that can walk away from the reality of climate change"

America: *HOLD MY BEER*

Author — zainab hussain


Trudeau: "There is no country on the planet that can walk away from the challenge and reality of climate change."
Trump: "Hold my Diet Coke..."

Author — Enrique Garcia


I want Hasan to interview Modi.
Who else agree?

Author — jswhhenw wjiwkwl


When Trudeau messes up as humans he apologizes. When trump messes up he lifts his middle finger and says what are you gonna do about it?

Author — B better


On the note of around 10:10, I have never once had a Muslim try to convert me. Just invite me to a mosque to feed me. Nothing was even mentioned about my faith, my soul, etc. Christians, on the other hand (for context I am one) have told me I am going to hell all the time.

Author — Oscar Olson


“How are you planning on justifying your job to your kids later”

Hassan dies a little inside

Author — Ian Nelson


"I'm sure they're keeping an eye on you."

Author — Manufactured Consent


That WaCanada joke did not age well after Trudeau’s black face incident 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Author — Alejandra Gramajo


I would legit binge the 'World Leader or my friend's dad' show

Author — FrozenFireFactorial