K-ON!(!) voice actresses - live practice

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K-ON!(!) voice actresses - live practice 5
1st half: Feb. 2009
2nd half: Feb. 2011

Aki Toyosaki (Yui/Guitar)
Yoko Hikasa (Mio/Bass)
Satomi Sato (Ritsu/Drums)
Minako Kotobuki (Tsumugi/Keyboard)
Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa/Guitar)

Nodoka, Jun and Ui's voice actresses also appear at the very last scene.

[This is the re-uploaded version. I realized that Ayana's voice was a bit cut off at the end of the previous video, so I fixed it.]

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it's crazy they actually learnt to play the instruments. I dont see voice actors in the west do this but then again, i heard voice actors in japan are treated like real celebrities unlike in the west where barely anyone knows their faces.

Author — SpiderMax


It's like they're seeing instruments for the first time of their life in the beginning

Author — Ville san


When you realize you can actually understand what they're saying but you never studied japanese

Author — Julio Ruiz


just like yui, they came in without knowing how to play and come out like a pro

Author — Yknowleeknow


* Strums guitar once * "SUGOI!"

Author — Makoto Niijima


Just your average day in guitar center

Author — Роман Матвеенко


They actually made them learn how to play there instruments? Thats rad af.

Author — _ Heart under Blade


Azusa's VA crying at the end made me realizd that it happened at the last ep of K-On too, like while they were singing Tenshi no fureta yo for Azusa.

Author —


It's like watching K-On live action series. :D

Author — Faiz Ava


I'm pretty amazed that Mio's VA is also left handed.

Author — CurtisAlfeld


2019 anyone? Damn, now most of them are a married woman

Author — Taufieq Adi Negara


I love how Aki-chan's first noise she made on the guitar was an actual chord. She went straight to it too - she knew her stuff.

Man I miss these days.

Author — Asdayasman


aww the voice actress for Azunyan was crying at the end awww XD

Author — LoveFairyKyu


Anime voice actors have gear 1000x better than me...

Author — Sanct uary


That room with all those instruments is just a dream

Author — Darko0089


3:58 K-ON in an alternate universe where they all practice good work ethic

Author — tkjordan


why is this 7 yrs old and why is it in my recommendation

Author — Apoorva Srinivas Appadoo


its happened guys, YouTube recommended this video.

Author — KecHik445


Actress for Azu-nyan really cried... ( Q, Q ) I hope they have season 3...K-On for life~!

Author — Kuro Sukichuu


"Yui plays a chord" WAAAA SUGGOII :3

Author — Brian Soo