How Steve Bannon sees the world

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How Steve Bannon sees the world 4
President Donald Trump's chief strategist believes the West is at war with Islam.

Steve Bannon's worldview is driven by two key beliefs: that Islam itself is a fundamental threat to the US, and that immigrants, legal and illegal, somehow make America less american. Bannon's views are outside the Republican mainstream, but they're already shaping policy in Donald Trump's White House.

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I love how he calls Christianity and Judaism western. Like, does he know that they originated in the Middle East?

Author — Little B


wow... he makes trump look kinda normal

Author — Julie


Actually our kids are going to be poor because war expenditures they will gut welfare to keep the military machine going while the poor become poorer. People will blame immigrants.

Author — Follow the White rabbit



1000 years ago there was no USA. It was just Native Americans living in Americas.

Author — Utkarsh Aryan


The funniest thing about this is that Bannon is of Irish descent

Author — iianthraxsnorter


You know trump is crazy when Bush is used as a sensible example of immigration.
You know Bannon is crazy when trump is used as a sensible example of immigration.

Author — Suyash Awasthi


"This is the fourth greatest crisis in American history. We had the revolution, we had the civil war, we had the great depression and WWII..."

And in which of those did right-wing conservatism win?

Author — Cynthia A


“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

I don't understand why Trump's Presidency is so hateful towards immigrates and refugees, when every person living in the U.S. is an immigrant.

Author — Forbidden Raptor


Fools know everything, smart people understand everything.

Author — Mr. Kolohe


We now know for sure how he sees the world. Bannon March 10, 2018 "chief strategist has told the French National Front party it should accept accusations of racism with pride."

Author — Technews


"These are not people with thousands of years of understanding democracy in their DNA coming up here, right?"

What in the hell is he even talking about here? The world hasn't seen a thousand years of democracy to begin with.

Author — Jaimy Visser


Oh he gone! Got back to his old job as the Grim Reaper!

Author — Rudranil Dutta


Okay we have already seen one blaming everything on Jews

Author — Турат Нурбеков


Reduce the music in your videos. I can barely hear what they are saying. Or at least lower the sound

Author — Stupid Cat


"We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal"

Author — Bart


this might be the first time I've heard his voice

Author — I'm gonna pre


Youtube "Everything is a rich mans trick" Its a real eye opener.

Author — Stuart Crossland


Bannon is like an off brand Lieutenant Anderson from Detroit: Become Human.

Author — Cardiovascular Bronchitis


Was Bannon able to find any sauce in Saudi Arabia during the recent trip?

Author — Tsnore


Why were Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan left out of the Muslim travel ban?

Author — George Qiao