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The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix 4.5
The worst monsters are the ones we create. Watch the first official teaser for The Witcher, Season 1.

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The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

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I heard they would have released this earlier but Henry kept doing side quests instead of focusing on the plot.

Author — tlages


if he isnt dodging and rolling 90% of the fight scenes, its wack.

Author — Hideto Adachi


If I don't hear the lines:

"Damn, you're ugly"
"Place of power, gotta be"
"How do you like that silver"

I will anally terminate you all

Author — Anal Terminator


The most important thing is the unicorn.

Author — Nordeles


I have an idea for the soundtrack. Something like:

Lei le le lei lei le le lei lei la-lei-la-lei la-lei la-lei

Author — Martin Myggestik


If Geralt isn't talking to himself for 50pct of the run time, we riot.

Author — Gladius Vitae


Geralt is so buffed he should be called the man of steel

Author — Sidhant Bhagat


Expect season 1 to be all of Gwent games until Geralt get all the cards

Author — Thesilmarilstory Deren


Geralt meets Yennefer.
(Opens a portal)

Yennefer: Shall we?
Geralt: I hate portals...

Author — yoon3moon


-On the way to slay a monster that terrorize a village.
...Open map...
"Oh, yellow exclamation mark! Gotta go there first"

Author — Mohd Nor Syafiq


Henry: how buff should i be?
Netflix: yes

Author — Ice Man


He really didnt kept an eye on his toxicity meter

Author — John Dayguy


“I remember hearing stories about witchers, is it true what they say?”

Geralt, Eskel and Lambert at Kaer Morhen: *get wasted and wear yen’s clothes*

Author — PillBham


Geralt better ask someone to play gwent, and they better cross their arms, smile and nod.

Author — Kool-Aid Man


Better say I hate portals each time he sees one

Author — justice coos


Really hoping it won't turn out to be the same as Witcher from 2002 but with bigger budget

Author — kapsel


The Witcher.. but Sounds are more like GoT.. xD make it more Slav

Author — Adirel


Guys it's netflix we have to be happy that cavil plays geralt's role not Will smith

Author — The Sociopath


this guy with the long white hair should be Arthas in an official Warcraft movie!!!

Author — Marky Mark


I want to see Geralt enter Yennefers portal if you know what I'm saying...

Author — Master Bateson