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The availability of custom and sprint run knives are often limited to stock on hand. Check our website for the latest availability.

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That catalog is definitely my favorite thing on the table. Didn't know people still use physical catalogs, and it is way bigger than I expected.

Author — Rokushō


That case knife at $116 is unreal value! Who else is making that kind of quality, made in the USA, with a heritage to back it and great materials, design and action... For $116!? Great work Case! Love the video as usual DCA and Thomas 👊

Author — Al Black


One of my favorite times of the week on the interwebs.

Author — Robert Haines


I look forward to your updates every week. You are a very knowledgeable and eloquent presenter. Thank you from the UK. Wish I could order from you. At least we can get hold of some of what you show over here

Author — john fletcher


god i love this channel, such a relaxing atmosphere after work. Thank you DCA!

Author — SilktDarkKnight


Perhaps oddly but that catalog is the best thing you had this time. It takes me back to the 80s and 90s when i couldn't wait to get knife catalogs in the mail. Of course nothing near the size of that though. Love it.

Author — Mr. Beefy


Lots of nice stuff! Love your Thursday rollouts! Keep it up.

Author — robert budnik


That Gerber is for me, Iv been waiting for this bad boy. I love everything about this blade, very well made all round. Gerber 2022/23 hands down!!

Author — Mr 2%


I’ve had my “Crucarta” for a week and love it! My new edc knife replacing my PM3.

Author — Basil Brockles


...eagerly awaiting the MKM MACRO knives. Any updated ETA on those? Thanks KC, DCA, and the entire team who puts out incredible content, information, and consistent value.

Author — ddyoder


I am 75 years old I still carry the old case Sod-Buster 10 dot. I did rehandle it in linen and orange Micarta.

Author — DAVE Smith


Boker killed it with these new pieces, especially the Connector.. clean, aggressive, utilitarian.. big fan.

Author — HappyHapticsEDC


Just got my Manix in cruwear. Ordered Friday received Monday. Thanks for getting it shipped same day ! Love black on black spydies from golden. Thanks again!

Author — Ch33no


Oh! I was all jazzed! I could have sworn that Boker Zenshin was a Higonokami! I was so eager to think that they got another maker in the guild, and the tradition could continue! 😩

Author — mdunawaym


When I look at the factory edge of the Case Kinzua, I notice that it has an uneven grind on the bevel from the factory. So if you purchase a knife with an irregular factory grind on the edge, what would be the best sharpening techniques to make for a more capable cutting knife? Would you re-profile the blade with a system like the Worksharp Precision Adjust or would it be better to just return the knife?

Author — C. Garison


I have some friends of mine that are Inuit and live in Rankin inlet, Nunavut whose whole way of living is based on fishing and seal hunting. They’ve shown me crazy things that can be done with an Ulu everything from peeling an apple to carving miniatures from bone. Amazing people and amazing skills

Author — Mikoyan iG


You can swap handles on the pm2 crucarta. It works just fine

Author — CHUCK IT! FPV


That Dirty Bird Kwaiken has a very Toor knife look to it, blade geometry to scales.

Author — The Roving Ronin EDC


That Böker/Poltergeist Ti looked nice. Still waiting for a PM2 in Pakkawood... would it be possible with an addition to your other KnifeCenter exclusives? Thanks

Author — Jorgen Sandstrom


Been carrying the 112 Sport since I got it about 6 weeks ago. Fantastic knife

Author — Silverbeard_edc