What Is LaMelo Ball REALLY LIKE!? Behind The Scenes Of Melo's Overtime Challenge At The BBB Mansion!

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What Is LaMelo Ball REALLY LIKE!? Behind The Scenes Of Melo's Overtime Challenge At The BBB Mansion! 5

Y'all remember when OT Larry got kidnapped and brought to the BBB mansion so LaMelo could host his OVERTIME CHALLENGE!?

Word me too. Well anyways, that challenge was DOPE but what I didn't know, is a dude was filming the whole process behind the scenes.

This is BEHIND THE SCENES at the Overtime Challenge with LaMelo Ball. All the little things that goes down that doesn't make the show can be seen here. It's honestly really hilarious and dope.

LaMelo is off to Australia soon where he's gonna kill it. Here's a little fun vid to check out before our guy heads out!


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Yo bronny's overtime challenge where you at larry?

Author — Sebastian Sarmiento


Have him read mean comments or tweets lol he got a lot of haters out here so that'll be fun to see

Author — The Burner Account


Do sum shopping and clothes and shoes bro i wanna see how he gets he drip and where he gets his drip from???

Author — Polo._. j


They both look like each other but their heads flipped upside

Author — As you Were


That scream laugh at 5:03 reminding me how young he is lmao

Author — SmokeAJaye


Bruh Larry’s face when he got dropped😂 he got up so quick and melo said be careful with ya words I was weaklkkk😂

Author — Joshua Moore


Next time we chill with Melo we should take him to a major event like a UFC event or something and have him run a lemonade stand we would make bank

Author — Overtime FC



👇🏽 support me too

Author — Yaaboyziggy


He said “I just wanted to be a camera man” 😂😂😂

Author — ANDREW doezIt5


DAY IN THE LIFE ft. exclusive workout, eating food, playing games, etc.

Author — Jahsira Dunbar


8:26 me running from the security at Area 51 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — BigBuckz601


Can we get a Gelo overtime challenge I haven’t seen that man in a brick

Author — Dtrix Lamar


not gonna lie this the most articulate i’ve heard Melo speak

Author — YungSlimJim


Is it just me or does he kinda sound like blueface

Author — Petrunic plays


Lamelo speaks like a combo of Lonzo and gelo. Not quite as clear as Lonzo but not slow sounding like gelo

Author — AskAScientist


Set him up on a blind date with....

*(BIG GULP)* Jaden Newman👀

Author — PlayBoii- Jayy


Do overtime reply to early comment that turns on post notifications?

Author — kylian Mbappe


Who’s better Julian or Melo like if melo comment if Julian

Author — VALID ClapZz


Overtime is one of the best basketball youtube channels and when i grow up if this channel is still a thing i wish to be on it

keep up the good work road to 2mil starts now keep grinding

Author — josephine rodriguez


Ya'll really put the Michael McCrudden before they were famous music at around 1:35 lmaooo

Author — Loby