WILD Video: Elephant slaps girl in the face

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WILD Video: Elephant slaps girl in the face 4.5
Watch as an elephant slaps a girl in the face as she tries to take a photo. #FoxNews

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Even elephants know that human kids are spending too much time on thier phones.



That elephant is more Native American than Elizabeth warren

Author — Eric p


This would be a good Mastercard commercial!

Trip to Africa: $1, 000s of American dollars;

Having an iPhone to take a picture of an elephant: $200 to $1, 200 depending on the phone and plan;

Having an elephant slap the crap out of you in front of your friends so they will never let it go, constantly make fun of that moment, and always have a good laugh about it - PRICELESS!!!!

Author — Tech Head


Never touched her face. Knocked the phone out of her hand and she smacked herself.

Author — MrChuckchuck7


Girl: pulls a phone

Elephant: slaps the phone for not asking permission for a photo.

Angry Left: calls a protest on racism.

Antifa: throws a milkshake at the Elephant.

Author — Brain Name


Elephant: “oh I’m sorry did I break your concentration?”

Author — Veritech Girl


Feminists only question: WaS ThAt a MALE eLepHanT!?!?!

Author — PaNDaSNiP3R


I've never seen or heard of an elephant doing that. I'm sure that hurt. I hope the girl was okay.

Author — ApplePie 2019


the welfare phanty wanted a dam peanut, see's a phone in er hand, STRIKES it ant her face, I want a peanut .     dam demanding phany,

Author — 1abcrr1


She didn't get the Elephant's consent to take a photo, duh.

Author — Warren R


The elephant (mother?) perceived the shiney reflective screen (and camera function's redeye flashing lights) as a possible threat. PEOPLE are idiots.

Author — Vette Vegas


I love how fox mentioned the country in Africa
Thank you very much.

Author — Savory Marvis


Girl was constantly showing her teeth...to an elephant, that may appear aggressive...plus, she had her baby near I would wager...

Author — Shannon Farmer


The elephant thought that she was CNN and reacted like any good republican.

Author — Robert Green


In my day we didn't have mobile phones and had to make trunk calls...

Author — Chris Pyves


Hmm ... Mother elephant sees stranger holding reflection of strange elephant reaching out at her?

Author — Notmy Cupoftea


Heard the latest, *Trump* can't block the radicalised far left on *Twitter becaus they might get *hurty feelings.*

Author — DANNYBOY73


*No cellphone zone*
No electronic devices allowed around wild life. An elephant never forgets!

Author — R E


Love the comments !!!!
If you liked your comment, then like mine.

Author — House of Mods210


When nature slaps you across the face, you know os time to quit.

Author — Adam