UFC 5 Free Fight: Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie (1995)

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UFC 5 Free Fight: Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie (1995) 3.5
UFC 5: Return of the Beast introduced a Superfight by setting up a rematch between Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie after their historic meeting at UFC 1 in 1993.


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The most impressive thing about this fight is how the commentators keep finding something to say.

Author — Tim L


The front seat girl at 18:36 looks a bit bored by this fight...

Author — No Way


Talk about a fight of attrition. It was like the French countryside during World War 1.

Author — MisterK


my dad walked in and i had to switch on porn because it was less awkward

Author — Kyle Howard


This is the very fight that caused the "stand-up the fighters" to be invented!

Author — Любовь Гулідова


My favorite part is 00:45 seconds in when the announcer feels the need to tell us Ken Shamrock has had sex.

Author — ChosenSonOfGod


Wtf...i started watching this, fell asleep & woke up. Royce Gracie was still on his back.

Author — §hąřpśhøõțëŕ


I would recommend skipping from 6:23 to 45:39.
Don’t worry you won’t miss a thing

Author — Jesse Carreon


Those who watched the whole thing. I respect you. I couldn't do it

Author — 3KBS Channel


Legend has it they are still cuddling to this day.

Author — Sean Gentry


Most hugs get awkward after about 3 seconds, this was a 36 minute embrace

Author — Mike Balazy


No gloves, 30 minute 1 round with a 5 minute OT, no judges score, head butts and nobody advancing on the ground yet they let them just stay there... the sport really has evolved.

Author — Jerediah Jedi


I thought I gave enough time for all of you to kiss and make up.. ??? fate needs more time... ok

Author — michael cordio


in 1995 these the only way to be gay i think

Author — miculoentucara89


The legend says, that they still having sex now, in the same position..

Author — D.


I like how the announcer said super fight. I think he ment super boring fight.

Author — Todd Dietlin


When I was a kid I was swimmer. I didn't know how to fight. I remember not wanting to be hit so I would hug the enemy. It was then I realized I can own you and be safe with my mind. It only works one on one. You will always lose in a gang mentality. Boy can be mean in a group.
You just become an insect To pull the wings off.

Author — alfie cao


after watching this match all I can say is one of these men walked away pregnant.

Author — Greg F


This is how Khabib vs Tony Ferguson will play out.

Author — Monty Burns


Royce's just holding lol. So far we have come.

Author — Monscent