Exploring the 1000 Islands: trailer

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Exploring the 1000 Islands: trailer 4.5

Exploring the 1000 Islands takes an in-depth look at how this area of woods and water became a tourist destination more than 100 years ago and why visitors still come today. Video is a sneak peak of the full hour-long production.

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Still beautiful after all these years.

Author — Delores Taylor


40 yrs ago traveled on the river with GPs long since gone. Got stuck at Boldt Castle when the last shuttle left. Had to be "RESCUED" haha off a deserted island. Had a great time. That was before the renovations, wish i had pics.

Author — Maxmommy Price


Looks pretty however humid and muggy. I'll stay in the west thnx.

Author — rottenleaves


So ... if I can fly it looks beautiful. But what do I actually do on the ground here?

Author — Kristen Gruber


Hi, would it be possible for me to use this video to promote 1000 islands to Chinese online community?

Author — Zhifeng Tan