Backyard Bullies - Sweet Revenge for my dog! Pest Control with the EDgun Leshiy and R5M

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These backyard bullies are gonna get it!! A Raccoon, Possum, and a Skunk getting some lead from my EDgun Leshiy and Matador R5M! Some sweet revenge for my dog!

Backyard bullies are the worst! In this video, I’ll be doing some pest control with the ultimate airgun, the EDgun Leshiy .25 and her big sister the EDgun Matador R5M Standard in .25. All scope cam footage is shot through the ATN X Sight 4K Pro 3-14x Scope. The rest of the kit is magpul extension rail with a streamlight IR, DonnyFL Emporer v2 suppressor, and Atlas bipod. I’ve tuned these guns down to 15 and 28 ft/lbs respectively to make it incredibly quiet and backyard friendly in any environment.

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Every time I see the crosshairs in the right spot, I catch myself slowing my breath for the shot.

Author — kaine08


Arthur Morgan would LOVE that stew guys stop hating.

Author — Azerrz


My humanly sensitive side is like: oh nooo the poor animalsss
But the american side of me is like: gun good
Rat bad
And the russian side is like:FOOD

Author — Aleksej Stanojevic


Well at least you removed rocket from my kill list.

Author — Thanos The Mad Titan


Great shooting! I have been trapping the raccoons at my place for years and releasing them about 10 miles away. Unfortunately I think the raccoons killed my kitty recently. I think from now on I'm going to shoot them with the 22 and dump them out in the woods for the crows to eat. I don't like taking an animal's life without eating it but I can't have the raccoons around my house killing my chickens and I absolutely won't tolerate them killing my pets. I like raccoons too...I'm a little torn about it but at the end of the day, I bottle fed that little kitty as a kitten and she slept in bed with me on cold nights. Now she's gone. I won't let it happen again.

Author — Walter M


Does this vid remind anyone else of the Disney film "over the hedge" ??

Author — UkHotshot


"16 cups brown sugar"
I fell outta my chair!

Author — ignatiusdemonseed


4:40 the raccoon is just having a bad dream

Author — DeadTraitor


Guess Rocket raccoon is not going to be in Avengers End game

Author — Aisayah Akens


Kill them all brotha I just witness three raccoons tear apart a small cat near my apartment and couldn’t do anything in the time I heard the screams. Watching this video made me feel a little better

Author — EMAN


NO SIR!! 👨🏾‍🍳I WILL NOT BE EATING NO PARTS OF THAT 👩🏾‍🍳STEW😂😂. Good hunting.Be Safe;-).

Author — RUCROCK1


"And help came from russia." Is now my new favorite thing to say out of context

Author — Seth Bell


Summer ‘97 I was 12 years old. I had a Remington BB gun w iron sights from wal mart and a group of squirrels that had taken residence in our attic. My dad told me to get rid of them, so he gave me a lawn chair, a Mountain Dew and a pocket full of pellets. I sat in the yard looking at the small hole they had ripped out of the roof, waiting for a squirrel to climb out. Felt like 10 hrs went by until I saw one peek it’s head out and slowly climb out. My heart pounded nervously but I knew I had to take the shot. The squirrel perched itself on the edge of a corner on the roof. I pumped the rifle a few times, lined up the sights and squeezed the trigger. It was a clean shot and the animal stopped immediately and rolled off the roof and hit the ground dead. It was my first kill and I was excited to go tell my dad I did good. 3 more squirrels came out that day and met the same fate. My dad made me bury them all. That day I learned about having patience, responsible gun use and respecting nature. It was summer 97, I was 12 and that was a good day.

Author — T G


Normally when I see videos like these I’m slightly disappointed in the shot placement. As an avid hunter myself, I believe the less time the animal summers the better. I can say with honestly this video is one of the most humane I’ve seen in a while. All harvested animals felt little to no pain at all. Keep it up!

Author — jared schaub


I am really serprised too see that your comments are more positive than hate (btw keep up the great work, whenever i see the cross hairs in just the right spot i get excited to see if you shoot, good shot👍

Author — Urraca Negra


And what you don't eat can be turned into dog food, just add turkey gravy lol.

Author — honest Abe


That food is nasty AF!! I couldn't imagine consuming "rat eating" possums....

Author — Crazy Canuck


Why is this video shot like a movie? Give this channel 1 million subs

Author — Dvno


I love that part..."let's watch that again in slow motion."

Author — Craig Tritz


Ed, What Have You DONE?! These Were Animals With Lives And Families And-- I'm Totally Kidding. SCREW Those Pests!

Author — Roach 1