He Served the Longest Sentence of Any Innocent U.S. Inmate (360°)

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He Served the Longest Sentence of Any Innocent U.S. Inmate (360°) 5

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"Send Me Home" was directed by Cassandra Evanisko and produced by Lonelyleap. It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.

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"I went to sleep at 18 & woke up at 60"... Let that sink in. Just wow.



There are literally thousands of innocent African American Men in prison in the Can you imagine how many innocent Black Men were put into prisons back during the segregation era, and before? Literally millions. This country is corrupt.

Author — Baked Beanie Sigel


He served 40 years WOW!!! The Judge who sentenced him should served 41 years

Author — jackson7177


I'm grateful he's alive too and able to create memories and live.

Author — uniqueLeo08


This man was awarded $1.6 million dollars for his wrongful imprisonment. I do not believe ANYONE in their right mind would take 1.6 million dollars in exchange for spending 40 years in prison. What is life and time worth? Much more than 1.6 million dollars, that’s what I believe. 1.6 BILLION???? NO WAY...what is the point of being a billionaire at the end of your life, with perhaps, 10 or 15 decent years remaining.

Author — Idiot Savant


Why are the prosecutors always free of any wrongdoing ?
They did thits on purpose, they should be in jail.

Author — Who Cares?


My ex knew someone who spent 10 years in prison for something he didnt before being exonerated and paid a lot of money for it. He still feels very depressed and said the money meant NOTHING to him. He'll never get that decade back

Author — sosouth15


and the white people who put him there comparatively faced the least amount of disciplinary action after wrongfully placing him in jail that long. so if white people want people held responsible for their actions....why arent they being held accountable?

Author — the springthunderboxer


I hope the Lord grant him a long prosperous life for the injustice that he suffered.

Author — JesseWorld1000


Ricky, what can I say. They screwed you, the bastards. Forty years....that is two life times when you consider that it was all done in prison. I feel deeply for you brother. You are a remarkably strong person to have survived that torture. I cant and wont even try to relate and compare what you went through to the torture that was imposed on me by the Australian authorities some fifty years ago. I wish you nothing but the very best for the remaining years that are before you mate. All the very best to you.

Author — Gary Hughes


The people who thumbs down this video should spend 60 days in solitarity confinement.

Author — Genesis Real info Report.


nothing new in america. always injustices towards african american

Author — karlito_ ln


Justice for all just ain't specific enough. Being black in America is a crime.

Author — Morris Dunbar


The SADDEST part is that there are people WHO HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES ( including MURDER ) who have received lesser sentences .

Author — ND7652


Pay him 100 million dollars en let him live his remaining days quietly

Author — Dry Valley valley


people need to start holding these prosecutors responsible for these mistakes. This happen everyday in the united states. especially in st. Tammany Parish Louisiana.

Author — winger j


A true survivor. This is the reality of being black in America. A throw away, disposable segment of society. I'm glad you reentered society with the same graciousness you kept over 40 years. It's clear you've found favor with The Most High and that rest of your days are as well.

Author — 0627196700


I wish there is something nice we could do for him.

Author — Lorraine Banath-Yasharahla


A racist, immoral, capitalist so-called justice system has many casualties like this.

The lack of care for right and wrong is dreadfully wicked.
Even when information surfaces to vindicate the innocent, many times the information is suppressed.
It must be soul suffocating pain to know you are innocent while being daily tortured. I hurt to know people suffer this way.

I wish this man wealth and happiness on earth and many crowns and mansions in Heaven.

Author — Godstrumpet2010


Rickey Jackson, I will remember that name.

Author — Kali Uchis