He Served the Longest Sentence of Any Innocent U.S. Inmate (360°)

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He Served the Longest Sentence of Any Innocent U.S. Inmate (360°) 5

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"Send Me Home" was directed by Cassandra Evanisko and produced by Lonelyleap. It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.

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I'm grateful he's alive too and able to create memories and live.

Автор — uniqueLeo08


'You went in there as Rickey Jackson, you better come out of there as Rickey Jackson'

Автор — Useless GTA V


There are literally thousands of innocent African American Men in prison in the Can you imagine how many innocent Black Men were put into prisons back during the segregation era, and before? Literally millions. This country is corrupt.

Автор — Baked Beanie Sigel


"I went to sleep at 18 & woke up at 60"... Let that sink in. Just wow.

Автор — Jay Tee


He served 40 years WOW!!! The Judge who sentenced him should served 41 years

Автор — jackson7177


I hope the Lord grant him a long prosperous life for the injustice that he suffered.

Автор — JesseWorld1000


This man suffered the most immense form of injustice imaginable and came out the other side happy just to be alive. I'm going to keep this bookmarked so I can go back to it any time I need perspective on my struggles.

Автор — Jessica Sikora


people need to start holding these prosecutors responsible for these mistakes. This happen everyday in the united states. especially in st. Tammany Parish Louisiana.

Автор — winger j


and the white people who put him there comparatively faced the least amount of disciplinary action after wrongfully placing him in jail that long. so if white people want people held responsible for their actions....why arent they being held accountable?

Автор — the springthunderboxer


A God fearing man can overcome any and everything through our Lord and savior Jesus The Christ

Автор — Lee Richards


Justice for all just ain't specific enough. Being black in America is a crime.

Автор — Morris Dunbar


Stories like this just kill me, I can't even imagine what kind of hell he went through.

Автор — f quint


there's a lot we can learn from this man's life may he be blessed...



Thank you Rickey Jackson for sharing your story. Your story, your triumph, and most importantly your name I will never forget. Thank you Rickey Jackson. I have no idea how to express my respect for you on so many levels, but please know, you are an amazing human being.

Автор — Paul Jackson


This should be mandatory viewing for every single proponent of the death penalty. You have to wonder how many similar cases ended in innocent people being murdered by the state...

Автор — Nordap702


This man was awarded $1.6 million dollars for his wrongful imprisonment. I do not believe ANYONE in their right mind would take 1.6 million dollars in exchange for spending 40 years in prison. What is life and time worth? Much more than 1.6 million dollars, that’s what I believe. 1.6 BILLION???? NO WAY...what is the point of being a billionaire at the end of your life, with perhaps, 10 or 15 decent years remaining.

Автор — Idiot Savant


He's taking it pretty well, he's got wisdom in his veins. Incredible.

Автор — Riley Stewart


Ricky, what can I say. They screwed you, the bastards. Forty years....that is two life times when you consider that it was all done in prison. I feel deeply for you brother. You are a remarkably strong person to have survived that torture. I cant and wont even try to relate and compare what you went through to the torture that was imposed on me by the Australian authorities some fifty years ago. I wish you nothing but the very best for the remaining years that are before you mate. All the very best to you.

Автор — Gary Hughes


My ex knew someone who spent 10 years in prison for something he didnt before being exonerated and paid a lot of money for it. He still feels very depressed and said the money meant NOTHING to him. He'll never get that decade back

Автор — sosouth15


I wish all the best for this man. Good health, much happiness and a long and peaceful life.

Автор — Yvonne Amaral